Heard of @fdroidorg and still wonder what it is? Here's a 10 minute video on PeerTube you might wish to watch, including some recommended apps you can find on F-Droid:

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg is this video yours? The video says "YouTube", I'm wondering if you mirrored it and with what.

@mister_monster No, the video is not from me or from @fdroidorg (at least not that I know of) – it's just *about* F-Droid. If it were from me it'd certainly also mention my own repo, wouldn't I?

As for Mirroring: AFAIK PT allows something like that (at least it allows to import from multiple sources including YT). But as I never had an account with YT I cannot really tell.

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg One that is on F-Droid you may wish to look at as well is G-Droid, which doesn't do any censorship.

That can be both good, and bad; obviously it allows horrible people to make apps, but true freedom is actually scary. So - if you prefer to self-censor (which is a huge job and, right now, I can't mentally handle it... so I'm not doing this myself) then G-droid is available from F-droid. They're also somewhere here on the fediverse.
(so is f-droid, but ... less active.)

@Truck When I last checked, G-Droid was an alternative client for @fdroidorg with some extra features (like using the Fediverse to let you comment on apps). So no idea what you mean by "doesn't do any censorship" – what should it censor – or what not?

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg gdroid tooted the other day that they don't censor. They had a screenshot showing the latest added items on both fdroid and gdroid, and gdroid had 3 or 4 that were not on fdroid.

I do not use it, as I said, right now I can't deal with the maintaining the censorship myself, so leaving my phone using fdroid for the moment.

I mentioned it as it was something that was brought up in my timeline (someone boosted the gdroid status to my timeline.)

What SHOULD it censor? Well, that depends.

For some, there should be no censorship. I am normally in this camp, but recent events have caused a large amount of anti-human crap to flood the internet, and thus there is a ton of stuff to wade through that I would normally just say "ok no effing way" myself, but leave it there because when we start limiting what can be seen/heard, it WILL be used against us. But then there's the rub; it will ANYWAY. So... "should" is YOUR decision.

@Truck G-Droid is just a client for @fdroidorg repos. So if they show apps not shown in F-Droid by default, they must have some additional repos added "by default". You can do that with the F-Droid client as well.

And that "censor crap" was why I never looked at their app. I had wuite a clash with their author back then, because I updated metadata at F-Droid and removed their repo URL *from the website field* (it was still there in the "source code" field where it belongs to). He called that "censoring".

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg Then you know more about this than I do.

Censoring gets... weird.

I, myself, feel information should be free and people should make their own decisions based on their own reasoning; but sadly, that can be gamed - and constantly is.

Especially right now.

So I think you and I will stick with F-droid for the forseeable future, and we'll see what happens with the others.

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