I just discovered codeberg.org, a free-to-use and open-for-registration #Gitea instance run by the German non-profit organisation #Codeberg e.V. – @codeberg is “dedicated to build and maintain supporting infrastructure for the creation, collection, dissemination, and archiving of Free and Open Source Software”. Nice Github and Gitlab alternative :)


@blipp I've already moved all but two of my projects from Github to @codeberg (I'm one of the early users, right when they opened) – and the remaining two will follow this year (probably before spring even). It's a much better fit, as "our philosophy" matches (free projects deserve a free platform – and vice versa). Still waiting for the stars to catch up, though 🤣

Besides: nice, friendly and helpful "staff", and a trustworthy admin there 😃

@IzzyOnDroid Good to know that your experience with Codeberg has been great so far.

Well, the stars, that's right 😂 I hope initiatives like @forgefed will get traction, such that instances can talk with each other (also to exchange stars).

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