Read the headline: "Get ready for WhatsApp self-destructing messages".

What I think: Cool new feature. You write a message, and WhatsApp self-destructs.

Problem solved.

Hope I understood that correctly... πŸ˜‹

Can't wait for the companion-feature: Facebook self-destructing posts. You read that post - and poof! the entire Zuck-Club is gone πŸ˜‚

@selfisekai Bah. I won't go for peanuts. See my follow-up: the entire circus should self-destruct, and humanity would be better off. Though I'm pretty sure not all of humanity would agree to that (half my family would be very disappointed and have to switch to Threema in order to join the other quarter 🀣)

Interesting read, though. I had hoped "self-destruct" there would mean "app removed" – but yeah, at least from the screen, and silenced for quite a while.

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