Once more calling out for help:

A bigger instance wants to move out of Crimefl… ahem, Cloudflare, and is looking for an affordable CDN it can move to. We're talking about half a terabyte of data – and it needs, well, a CDN and HTTPS support at an affordable price (so Amazon is out, if it ever was in); and it should be privacy-friendly and ideally FOSS friendly (the latter two are my additions, but feel right).

Any recommendations? Asking for a friend :wink:

Pls boost if you don't know yourself.


@lain I cannot tell how many of them are active (and where to draw the line of activity), but about 20k users altogether currently, having shared about 600k statuses.

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@IzzyOnDroid anyway, point was, do you actually know you need a cdn?

@lain I don't know, but my friend thinks so. I'll suggest to consider going without CDN but keeping DDOS protection.

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