Once more calling out for help:

A bigger instance wants to move out of Crimefl… ahem, Cloudflare, and is looking for an affordable CDN it can move to. We're talking about half a terabyte of data – and it needs, well, a CDN and HTTPS support at an affordable price (so Amazon is out, if it ever was in); and it should be privacy-friendly and ideally FOSS friendly (the latter two are my additions, but feel right).

Any recommendations? Asking for a friend :wink:

Pls boost if you don't know yourself.

Remember my calling out on this, 20 days ago? A big thanks to all who answered, giving good recommendations! Now the process is completed, @ashfurrow has made his choice, and Mastodon.Technology is finally "Clouflare" free (no more data stealing: "klau(en)" = German for "steal(ing)"). Without your help, this would have taken much longer.

You're great, Mastodon community! 🎉 👍 💚

@lain I cannot tell how many of them are active (and where to draw the line of activity), but about 20k users altogether currently, having shared about 600k statuses.

@IzzyOnDroid anyway, point was, do you actually know you need a cdn?

@lain I don't know, but my friend thinks so. I'll suggest to consider going without CDN but keeping DDOS protection.

@IzzyOnDroid if you had some engineering resources and can run your own edge locations, I really love Hetzner. But I don't think they have a CDN. OVH (german or french one) should still be covered by strong EU privacy laws - but in any case you'll likely need an edge in US or something so there's that.

@zladuric Well, the friend I'm talking about has his instance in "overseas", so that would certainly not be a show-stopper. Will take a look at OVH, though – heard of them before. Thanks!

@zladuric Uh, CDN starts at 240 EUR/month with OVH? That seems quite heavy for the purpose. But maybe one can ask for a special offer. Collecting it for now, check later when we've got something to compare with 😉

BTW: Yeah, my servers are at Hetzner for several years now. But then, I don't need a CDN for them 😄

@IzzyOnDroid CDN's are hard to do, that's why they're expensive.
With cloudflare you're paying, just not with money.

@zladuric which is one reason my friends wants out there (and I always suggest others to leave it as well). But Mastodon is a hobby, so everything going into 3-digits per months sounds excessive to me. There are backers for expenses, but there're also limits to the backing sum.

@zladuric I cannot tell. I meant it when saying "asking for a friend". If it's just about DDOS and SSL Bridge, OVH offers that for EUR 24 a month. That's 10% of a CDN.

@zladuric @IzzyOnDroid
This is why i hope #IPFS takes off, if users run an IPFS node in the browser and load all the content via that node, they will form a fully decentralized CDN that doesn't cost anything.

@kawaiipunk Thanks, and all Debian sounds good. Ugh, pricing starts at USD 199 for the smallest package… I'll add it to the list. Maybe they have special offers. Never hurts to ask (unless you ask for hurt) :wink:

@kawaiipunk No idea. I just collect ideas for now, then forward them to my friend with some comments to help decide. He's currently on vacation, so my plan was to have the collection ready the day he returns (he cannot check before anyway – and having it ready then instead of starting to collect then means not wasting time 😆).

@IzzyOnDroid I was impressed with Fastly when we used them at a previous $job. Here's a comparison page that's a little SEOy but helpful: while they are still a SF startup with VC funding, I've been pretty impressed with their ethics over the years, in contrast to CF.

@SunDancer Thanks, but that looks to be just hosting. Friend wants/needs a CDN.

@XiongShui sounds ethically good (until you see the trackers on their site). But is that just hosting, or do they have a CDN as well? Didn't see a hint to that.

@XiongShui yeah, and it's hosting only. Thanks anyway – but my friend needs a CDN; plain hosting doesn't suffice (he says).

@IzzyOnDroid maybe object storage instances at scaleway could do the job? I do not really now what I'm talking about, but it might give ideas.

@h30x I'm not really into the topic either. The word was CDN, which stands for Content Distribution Network (and I think of that as globally distributed caching).


500G isn't very much. both of the pleroma servers that I manage have 2Ts of transfer per month.

@xj9 @murabito Don't confuse HOSTING costs with the costs of a CDN. Compared to a CDN, hosting comes cheap.

@murabito CDNs don't come cheap, no. And at Cloudflare, you pay with your user's data/privacy.

@xj9 500G is the current database size, not the monthly xfer. I don't know how much xfer he has.

@IzzyOnDroid @ashfurrow good work both of you.

Ash, I understood your namecheap problem immediately, even though i haven't run into it before. I wonder if you wrote then about it? Their support is always praised as great, which i can personally confirm.
Your issue is probably something they should prioritize.

@zladuric @IzzyOnDroid I have contacted them. Apparently this can be avoided during the transfer process, but it’s kind of a workaround and doesn’t work once the transfer is complete. They’ve acknowledged the problem and forwarded the feedback to their product team, so fingers crossed 🤞

@ashfurrow @IzzyOnDroid yes, too late for you, but probably good whomever has this problem in the future.

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