To our developers: Anyone who could provide a simple app to decode TNEF – so those "winmail.dat" attachments created by pesky stupid MS Outlook/Exchange could be opened from within e.g. K9 Mail, decode to the PDF (or whatever the attachment really should be), and then offer to open with the appropriate app or save to "disk"?

So far I've only found a single app on Play (low rated and full of trackers). I'd prefer one on @fdroidorg and without trackers. Anyone, please?

Else please boost 😉

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Yay! Just 7 days, and here it is: The TNEF Extractor now is availabe in my repo

A big thanks to @FabioWidmer for taking the challenge, and having written the app I called for a week ago. Give him a big thumbs up y'all, will ya? And I will see to open an RFP to get the app into the official F-Droid repo (after we get Fastlane etc established). Until then, be welcome to install it from my repo and give feedback!

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