Hey! Let's welcome @codeberg at Mastodon – the real free alternative to the walled gardens of MS Github, Google GitLab etc.! Love to see you here! 😍 👍 🎉

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@codeberg Pin that one (tap the 3 dots, "Im Profil anheften"). That way it's always on top when someone looks at your account :wink:

@mondstern @codeberg Now, THAT's a warm welcome! Just here for less than a day, and already got its icon (mondstern is famous for them). Time for me to get jealous. Miss mine 😆

@codeberg @mondstern AFAIK you can only pin your own toots. So if you want to pin that one, maybe make your own toot with it inside, mentioning Mondstern and a link to the original toot (3 dots, "Kopiere Link zum Beitrag"), and then pin that?

@IzzyOnDroid @codeberg wait… what? Gitea is hosted on Microsoft Github? (Also your blog is missing a mastodon link in its footer)

@mray @codeberg the first is what we also complained about more than once. And as for the second: give Codeberg a little time, they just joined Mastodon a few hours ago :awesome:

@mray @IzzyOnDroid gitea's devteam is independent, and is very welcome! Self-hosting is a long running debate over there

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