@kuketzblog Very hard to decipher. What does it say, in plain language? That censors wanted F-droid to ban Fedilab and F-droid refused?

@bortzmeyer @kuketzblog

"F-Droid won’t tolerate oppression or harassment against marginalized groups. Because of this, it won’t package nor distribute apps that promote any of these things. This includes that it won’t distribute an app that promotes the usage of previously mentioned website, by either its branding, its pre-filled instance domain or any other direct promotion."

Pretty clear to me! 👍

@rysiek @kuketzblog But completely irrelevant since, apparently the issue at stake was quite different. (People who wanted to ban Fedilab because it doesn't implement their blocking list.)

@bortzmeyer @kuketzblog well, they explain later that fedilab is implementing certain things that seem to make it okay.

@rysiek @bortzmeyer @kuketzblog I also read if as they wouldn't accept a gab-branded blog, but think that fedilab'snot quite there.
Not sure I agree, but it's refreshing to see a FOSS flagship like f-droid admit that there's a scale, and that discussions have meaning...

@panina some wanted to blame Fedilab for not blocking Gab, others wanted to have an AntiFeature slabbed on Tusky for blocking Gab (arguing that would make it NonFree), a few just wanted to shitstorm. Finally the decision was: It's fine that Tusky and Fedilab are as they are – but we won't accept an app openly promoting harassment, violence etc. (e.g. by branding it offensively, like a Gab fork of Tusky with the Gab logo etc, as the blog article lined out).


@panina Oh, and then there are those who for that reason forbid us adding their app to F-Droid because they want full freedom. Get the irony?

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@IzzyOnDroid I'd say it's quite important for f-droid to find their(/your) own view on things. Once that's clear, the ones who shun you will seem less important.
And, no matter what the standpoint, there'll always be someone shunning you.

Feels to me like there's a lot of politics seeping into FOSS nowadays. It was always political, but it was always the same issues. Restricted to the world of code.
Hard to navigate, when actual Nazis shows up and takes advantage of what has been the cornerstones of FOSS politics...

@panina If nobody shuns you, you're not doing much. As soon as you engage, there will be people opposing what you do – no matter what it is. You can't do it right for everyone.

Or, to take your words: if nobody shuns you, you have no standpoint. So who are you, then?

It's not a nice-welcome thing, being shunned. But it also means you're doing something and make your point. Though admittedly it doesn't necessarily mean you're doing something *right* 😆 (I hope we do)

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