I did find it though 👇 This is some serious bullshit


@inditoot @alexl Didn't know Chrome is a search engine. Ah, wait, it is: It searches the data of people all over the world and transmits it to Google. But whether that's "legal", I don't know…

Well, I'd never book a flight with them. With such a backward understanding, I could not be sure what I'd end up with. And with that context, "Cleartrip" certainly stands for "Clear(ly book your) trip (elsewehere)".

@alexl depends on how you read it, there is no comma or the like to tell you what is connected how: "a search engine like Google Chrome" or "browser … like Google Chrome".

But it's not worth discussing. It's a lame excuse rather meaning "a browser that doesn't let you block our trackers", I guess… As I said: mark it dead, book elsewhere.

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