I'm partway through writing a blog post in response to googleplayfair.com/ - a little bit of a digression from my usual stance against Google's monopolistic practices.

I'm glad to have come across @IzzyOnDroid's Stack Exchange question about Aptoide's safety/security. android.stackexchange.com/a/97

Question: do you think that F-Droid's "separation" of repositories makes it overall safer for users than Aptoide, which merges all sources into one front-end? (looking for sources to quote)

@fennifith Apart from the fact that the official F-Droid repo has only apps compiled by the F-Droid team from their resp. sources (after those have been checked), the two have a lot in common – for example "separation" of repositories 😆 F-Droid has the official one plus allows 3rd party repos it doesn't control – Aptoide has the official and manually curated "Apps" repo and allows for 3rd party repos it doesn't control… >>

@IzzyOnDroid F-Droid allows third-party repos, but they aren't served from f-droid.org/, right? Same with the app - users have to manually add the third-party repos, instead of them all being present by default. F-Droid is a little similar to Mastodon in this regard - individual opt-in communities, rather than one huge centralized collection of mess.

Sure, Aptoide's content is distributed among individual "Stores", but they're all served from the same host.


@fennifith Yes, only the official repo is served from F-Droid's site. And while some other pure FOSS repos come pre-configured, the user has to manually enable them – and "not-so-pure" repos (like mine) must be added manually. So yes, that's a clear difference.

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