For all those having panickily migrated their projects from to to get away from MS: GitLab just started the process of migrating to the Google cloud (GCP). Which means it won't be available in some countries (Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria) anymore because of "legal restrictions", as informed them. Hopefully none of the migrators lives in any of them: migration is running already, no access possible anymore.

Congrats! 😒

Well at least you can create your own
GitLab server.

@ami But that's not where most migrated to. It's not the software I question.

@IzzyOnDroid Lots of people never learn.

We tried to tell them about #GitHub but “hey it's so cool”.

Now people don't want to listen about the #SAAS and the problem of #centralisation

#contributopia #GAFAM

@DaD Yeah. What's really needed is federation in Gitea, GitLab etc. So everyone and his little sister could self-host, and stuff would still be found.

That's a pretty double-edged sword. At least Google doesn't dance to the tune of backwards regimes.

I moved to GitLab because even among large greedy corporations, Microsoft stands out as an asshole among assholes, going out into the world to cause active harm.

Anyway, the move to GitLab is only temporary until there's a viable federated solution.

@Coffee Does it really not dance – when it plans for a censored search engine in China? Quote: "Google is developing a version of its search engine that will conform to China's censorship laws"

Okay, they do. The thing is, they get flak for cooperating with censorship, and they also get flak for keeping their backs straight, resulting in blocks.

If our voice is so self-contradicting, it's no wonder they just do whatever they want.

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