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Any recommendations for such an icon are welcome! Must be recognizable at 16x16px. I've got no idea currently …

@exodus integration and tracker rescan completed for my app listings at android.izzysoft.de/applists.p – coverage now at 93% (i.e. ~10% up) and more accurate.

Now I need an icon to have the tracker-free apps stand out from the rest …

Why isn't the Mastodon introduction post called tootorial?

Wenn ich im Ausland bin kann ich dank Geo-Blocking so gut wie keine öffentlich rechtlichen Programme via Internet sehen. Wo ist das Formular um für diesen Zeitraum den #Rundfunkbeitrag zurückerstattet zu bekommen?

#Google clarifies location-tracking policy https://apnews.com/ef95c6a91eeb4d8e9dda9cad887bf211 "Google has not changed its location-tracking practice in that regard"

Positive surprise: while checking ~500 apps against @exodus, finding 3 in a row which have 0 trackers.

Unfortunately, those are very rare exceptions. According to my stats, more than 60% of the apps from my lists ship with INTRUSIVE trackers 😱

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A street artist has been improving Facebook billboards across London.

h/t @protestencil@twitter.com

Let me say this: it is a bit weird, but as newbies arrive in waves, for lack of a better word, we also get waves of well meaning advice. Don't do this, please do that, here's a guide, here's how to mastodon... I love it, in a strange way. It's welcoming. We care, both for the existing community, and for the newcomers. Welcome, all of you! Also: set picture, write an #introduction, check out the local and federated timelines, comment on other people's post, that's how you grow your network. 🤗 🍍

When your (accept only!) cookie notice covers your footer, which contains your only link to your Privacy Policy…

"Wer einen Spaten kauft, darf damit den Garten umgraben, aber auch Nägel in die Wand schlagen. Er darf den Spaten weiterverkaufen oder sich, wenn er möchte, ein Spiegelei darin braten – der Hersteller hat dabei nichts mitzureden. Doch all das ändert sich, wenn es sich um einen Gegenstand handelt, der ein Herz aus #Software hat."


#Verbraucherschutz #Eigentum #Lizenz

It’s genuinely heartwarming to see friends I’ve primarily known on the birdsite come over to Mastodon. It’s like, they’re kind of fumbling and confused, but are figuring it out, and they’re getting help from the folks who are already here. Welcome 🙏

Changing random stuff until your program works is "hacky" and "bad coding practice", but if you do it fast enough it's "Machine Learning" and pays 4x your current salary.

Numbers of will get worse now that Exodus was added to check for them. So be aware: whenever some app advertises something "cheap" or "FREE" (all-caps), check for the list of trackers. In my app listings, "monitoring" icons which you can click for details. Our "winner" is in the shopping-list section: 13 libs you tracking your shoppings. And that's just the "worst offenders" listed; had I included all, the number were 28 for this app. Congrats. No with those.

Trackers! To give you an idea of how far spread that pest is:

Just finished integrating @exodus into my app listings at android.izzysoft.de/ – so expect more accurate library reportings. Not complete, though, as not all apps are scanned by Exodus or Appbrain (my other source) yet. Still: shocking findings! Trackers everywhere …

@privacylab "Oh you want to disable location tracking?

I'm sorry, I cannot let you do this, Dave..."