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Once again: rumours that we have "Wacky Genital Wednesday" where we look for the weirdest genital pics are just complete falsehoods probably fabricated by @twitter and Snapchat.

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@Instagram We heard it from @Facebook first, but we heard they heard it from @Twitter before that, so..

¯\(º o)/¯

@twitter @realDonaldTrump @Facebook @Twitter That sneaky bastard is always trying to besmirch us ever since our representative said Trump was being "obstinante" and a "poopy pants" about one of our proposals to install CCTV cameras for our new upcoming feature.

Rest assured we are working to restore relations with the president.

@Twitter @Facebook @realDonaldTrump @twitter Specifically, he didn't like that we woudn't sell the footage to him for under $1 billion. We have to pay for our valuation somehow!

@Instagram @realDonaldTrump @Facebook @Twitter Probably for the best you didn't end up making a deal. One time he claimed he left his wallet at in his other pants, so we lent him $5 and he tried to pay us back with a fake casino.

@Instagram @Twitter @Facebook @realDonaldTrump Take him out to dinner, some place real fancy that serves ketchup with their shoe leather.