One day you're hard at work with a bit of a cramp, the next day they're janking your appendix out of your body...

Turbulent times, not for the right reasons sadly.

Anyone have some good sources or books on converting company styles into ? Am desperately trying to pry myself free from any office based workflows 😅

Nothing as fun as tumbling down a mile deep CTF rabbithole only to learn you could've find the flag with two commands...

Avengers endgame HYPE.

Gonna see it tonight in a few hours. Can't wait!

Want to watch videos on youtube without selling your soul to google? Try and

Finally another big part of my life de-googlified

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The programmer (aka developer, aka engineer) spends his entire life trying to understand how does that thing on his desk work.

From transistors to browsers there are hundreds of abstraction levels and all of them evolves constantly.

I like having that Pandora's box on my desk :blobcat:

Got my hands on a second hand TEVO Tarantula printer. Finally time to get my hands dirty with with electronics!

... Any tips or warnings are welcome 😅

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Anyone know any good techy peertube instances to subscribe too?

That moment when you spend an entire day attempting to leverage possible vulnerability only to learn it's actually just a false positive.

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Working on a network test with over 48 machines in the span of a month. Ain't no rest for the wicked

Recently completed a CTF that included a XSS filter evasion vector that I wasn't aware of yet. Interesting to look at if you haven't already.

Hello world, time to dig this acount back from the dust! Time to get a-hackin

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