Black and white of work in progress. All about the texture with this one.

From Miami-Dade County

"That is why any openings we are planning for parks and other places will require strict following of social distancing and police will be out enforcing the rules. We want to get to a "new normal," but we can only do that if people take personal responsibility."

They 'want' to get back to normal, they really do. But 'the people' make it difficult. It's like a bad DV relationship, "why do you make me do the things I do?"

From a news article.

"As COVID-19 has tightened its grip on the world in the past three months, medical comprehension of the virus has advanced."

Translation: As governments increase their oppression of their citizens, doctors listen more to patients describing their symptoms.

More hoops....

"We find slavery repeatedly instituted by God, or by men acting under his immediate care and direction, as in the instances of Moses and Joshua. Nowhere in the Old or New Testament do we find the institution condemned, but frequently recognized and enforced."

The bible has always been used as a justification for oppression. Not only for justifying racial inequality, but as a tool bent to the oppression of any group of individuals deemed worthy of contempt.

Getting into American history. Enlightening stuff.

Of course much that happened should be regarded in context, but it's still interesting the hoops that contemporaries of the civil war era would navigate on the issue of slavery. Also interesting Lincoln's outlook of the issue...

"there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality."

Unfortunately, some still think this way today.....

"The Guard said it shot down the drone over Hormozgan Province in southern Iran, Tehran's state news agency, IRNA, reported."

"Two U.S. officials, however, told The Associated Press that the incident happened in international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz."

Trump version of the Gleiwitz incident? Are they lying about where the drone was flying?

Finally got a break from work, in Paris having espresso and dessert at a cafe. Couple things I've noticed sitting here.

The roundabouts are crazy. No lanes. Cyclists have no fear. Someone carrying a book is rare. Just as many walk their dogs off leash as they do with.

That bitch is crazy. No way she can understand their business enough to criticize effectively. She's just as bad as Trump, you aren't getting any real work done if you are spending all your time tweeting....

Still, there's this.

Bezos claims all their employees are high wage earners, but he doesn't mention putting some of them out to pasture so he can make them compete against each other as contractors delivering packages.

More from Homo Deus

"What some people hope to get by studying, working or raising a family, others try to obtain far more easily through the right dosage of molecules. This is an existential threat to the social and economic order, which is why countries wage a stubborn, bloody and hopeless war on biochemical crime."

The author recognizes the futility of this 'war', is there anyone that believes otherwise?

"Most people in ancient times rejected Epicureanism, but today it has become the default view."

Yuval Noal Harari - Homo Deus

I wonder where he gets this notion. Everyone seems to have their notion of a supreme being, but could it be that most present a facade for the world, while secretly most are atheistic as Yuval suggests?

"So I find myself circling back to a few questions. Who’s looking after the users? Why can’t I opt in to letting Amazon record my commands instead of wading through privacy settings looking for ways to stop sending my data to Amazon? And why are my options for opting out limited?"

I don't get it. Opting out is NOT limited. Just don't buy the fuckin thing. There's also a button for turning the speaker off manually. It's not forced on anyone.

In the middle of Homo Deus by Yuval Harari. Clever Hans is mentioned.

Stuff like this is fascinating.

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"female nurses were standing around a nonverbal male patient's bed, talking inappropriately about his genitalia."

Shit like this happens all the time in hospitals, especially in the OR, where patients are out and intubated. Of course, the things the staff say is nothing compared to the shit that comes out of patient's mouths when they get upset.

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