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I have sad news: will be shutting down by the end of 2022. Access will be restricted no earlier than December 1.

More details here:

I encourage you to export your data and migrate to a new server as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who trusted me as their admin. This was a difficult decision. I wish I could continue, but I can't.

How many mathematicians does it take to screw in a light bulb? 

@pixelcode For those not getting it, Mathologer has a good explanation for this:

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@Bubu Have been happily using, but hasn't received any love on Github for over a year.

@freeplay More the reason to use CLI on mobile. Best interface is TUI 😃.

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@freeplay Bummer, doesn't seem to be reproducible for me :/

@freeplay Is there a reliable way to reproduce this disappearing of the attributes? I might have a possible solution, but just want to make sure it works as intended.

@sejo @kevin I also would like to point to @ta180m which is more active on the development side for Gitea federation.

You can browse trough their feed and see the progress and other interesting links about Gitea federation.


> Streaming takes a lot of time though. I don't imaging myself streaming in a long future.

Streaming is one of the paths I'm exploring in order to get more into collaborative coding.

@sysinshell Yeah this was me getting more familiar with the existing code written by @ta180m. I was using the rubber ducky method to understand it a bit better. At the end it got more technical.

I might do a more Gitea generic stream that is more "beginner-friendly" even though my explaining skill is really terrible.

@sysinshell Maybe next time! Don't have plans, but might stream again if I have enough time.

Thank you for those attending my livestream! And also sorry for being boring 😅.

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I will be going live on 18:15 UTC+2 over at

I will be programming code! Feel free to tune in and just lurk or to learn more about Gitea.

@austin Interesting, thanks a lot for linking! Heard a lot of things about Gargron in a negative sense, this seems to sum it perfectly up.

@loveisgrief Likely either Owncast or Peertube. Maybe even @ta180m peertube instance, if I don't get it working reliably with Nginx reverse proxy.

I don't have any interest into using proprietary solutions when there's good FOSS alternatives out there.

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