Is there an audience or interest in watching programmers write code? somewhat.

considering i'm currently watching videos on exactly that XD trying to learn some low level stuff.
#🤔 i took a small break, about a month ish.
i hope i don't go even more insane trying to re-understand my own code
😆 #🤔

@logan Can't promise I will do any AP-related code.

If you don't have a good overview of how the (ActivityPub) protocol works it can get quite complicated really quickly. i noticed it's complex, a briefly tried to make one.

i gave up after i tried to send back the profile information because it wasn't working at all XD though the c++ server i cobbled together was receiving the request and printing it out as expected.
#🤔 i think i might have been formating the reply wrong but the documentation isn't really help.

there isn't any "this is what a standard reply should look like"
#🤔 it's a terrible idea but i'll probably attempt to continue it later 😆 #🤔 oh i just relooked at my code again , that's write XD i already did try to re-implement it.

i was making an artificial filesystem and it's complete but i forgot to send the "files"
#🤔 ok no , so im sending it but i don't understand networking. trying just some text and i can get it using curl but not opening in firefox 😭 #🤔


It might be interesting which languages and technologies are used.

@cark Easy to answer without having to watch a livestream about it. Gitea is built on the Go( programming language and we are using Go-AP( framework for handling ActivityPub/Forge-Fed vocabulary.

@Gusted Yes.

Also, I'm a Dark Reader user. Just found out that you maintain Dark Reader from your website. The world is small.

@Gusted A few people watch my Gitea streams but I haven't had much time to work on Gitea lately. Maybe tomorrow...

@ta180m Had a similar idea to do a stream for today 😅 and see if that might be interesting.

@Gusted where would it be streamed? #Owncast? Or restreamed on twitch+YT?

@loveisgrief Likely either Owncast or Peertube. Maybe even @ta180m peertube instance, if I don't get it working reliably with Nginx reverse proxy.

I don't have any interest into using proprietary solutions when there's good FOSS alternatives out there.

That's good. Hopefully there's enough bandwidth to handle all viewers @ta180m

Yes! I think gitea adding federation is very interesting and I've been watching the development for a while now.
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