Mastodon rant 

I linked my friends to while attempting to "encourage" them to use Mastodon and joining the

I considered this to be a good thing, but they rather quickly pointed to the "Sponsored by" section, which lists VPN and casino providers.

This is very unfortunate because those companies are known for having shady business practices, and my friends are now using this as a strong argument for not trusting Mastodon and not joining the

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Mastodon rant 

@Gusted That sounds like a strong argument against joining Mastodon, not joining the fediverse. There are plenty of other fediverse server software out there!

Mastodon rant 

@ta180m Yes it indeed is, but if I just tell you about Mastodon and about it being federated, you will throw all those keywords on one big pile.

@Gusted Friendica - clean. No bullshit. No sponsors. Unlimited characters, text formatting, inline media, connects with the entire fediverse, even with twitter, and so forth. Here more…

They can also join my instance - we have custom themes and such 😀

@austin Interesting, thanks a lot for linking! Heard a lot of things about Gargron in a negative sense, this seems to sum it perfectly up.

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