showed up on Firefoxes Hacked list today 😠 been changing passwords.

I'm currently reading Charles Krauthammer's last book "The Point of It All". And I recommend it.

New 'puter is running pretty good now. That's good, because it's to cold and dangerous to go outside. Everything that isn't covered with frozen snow, is covered with ice. Walking is dangerous.
One Gripe: SkyTech computers tech support does not answer their emails

Found out some else about Windows Defender.
Ransom Ware Defender will not let you save anything into it's protected folders. Example my documents folder, Using Libre Office, I could not save a file until I disabled the Ransomware protection. PS the new computer is still running 😋

New computer turned on to a "corrupted Bios" message, fortunately it has dual Bios, and recovered. Then it said the hard drive was corrupted, I found a repair for that also. It's running now, but I for it's sanity, it's only 5 days old!

Can anyone tell me why, when I restart Windows 10, (new from Linux) It give me a message that "someone else is using my computer, and if I shut down they might loose data." This happens even if my computer has only been runnng a few minutes🤔

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