Resident Alien could be an awesome TV show but the kid actor is awful.

Leviathan wakes, the first book of the expanse series should be subtitled -

"Delivery workers save humanity".

You'll know what I mean, if you have read the books.

Moving to a dumb phone, let's see if the hype is real.

Won't throw away my smart phone, will just leave it in the dashboard for situations were I may need it.

I have already deleted my Facebook, Instagram and twitter but I still waste lots of time because of my smartphone.

I am now thinking about switching to a dumb phone so I don't have constant easy access to distraction.

Has anyone here done the same, has the experience improved your life or is it just hype?

uspol, bigtech 

I saw this on Reddit. I don't know if it is actually true or edited by the losers but if it is true then I don't see how old tech companies like Alphabet can be trusted, everyone needs to move to opensource software for their communication. A few tech billionaires having the power to influence like this is not good for any side of the politics.

LOL, if he ment this the hashtag would have been and not .

How much money do we reckon he hopes to make by pushing up the price of bitcoin.

Somebody tell Elon about the Fediverse. Anyone have him his number?

Anyone else find it hilarious that these people don't know about the Fediverse. Not saying anyone should tell them, Just think its funny they are looking for someone to build them something when the Fediverse is just sitting on the table and they have no idea it is there.

Doom eternal is my Game of the Year, I don't why people liked Ghost of Tsushima so much, I found that game easy and repetitive.

OK, I am a noob web developer so I thought all I had to do to create a mastodon instance was to download mastodon code and put it on a websites public_html folder so I did and this is what my site looks like on a browser. Could someone more knowledgeable then me direct me to the right thing to learn so I can make an instance work

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