I made the mistake of going back to twitter after being exclusively on Mastodon for a week and it felt like going from a relaxing beach holiday to a rush hour, angry, crowded, loud and dirty city.

Firstly there is this trending section that adds nothing to my life except stress and the comments on most posts are these shallow, competing for attention, gotchas. The only thing I like about twitter comments is the memes.

I won't be able to go back to twitter after hanging out on the Fediverse for too long.

@Graylik I decided a couple years ago to just leave Twitter and be primarily on Mastodon. Every time I went back to do anything, it's like I was being shoved into a cesspool head-first.

It hasn't changed, really. Just trying to use their website is a horrible experience. Every time I go there, it tells me I've made the correct decision to be on Mastodon instead.

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