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The last Expanse book comes out tomorrow. Who else is waiting for midnight to fire up their kindle and finish this series?

Whenever anyone talks about Phil Spencer online they can't stop kissing his ass.

I don't know why this is. The games lineup on the xbox just sucks; during the xbox and 360 days there were so many good games that I felt spoilt for new games.

Now I am just playing old games hoping the xbox drops atleast one thing worth playing a year.

The Gotham T.V. show has no right being as good as it is.

Nothing in E3 so far has made me want to waste my time playing it. I don't if it's just because I am older or if games today suck.

Where are the games? I miss the xbox 360 days.

If you like having green smoothies, try putting a scoop of Quest salted saramel protein powder in your smoothie. It will taste like ice cream.

I have also tried the chocolate milkshake flavour and it does not taste as good.

This is an awesome system of getting more greens in your diet. I never use to have vegtables other then some but now I am taking 2 cups of kale and spinach everyday.

I wanted to play a video game and nothing new intrested me so I played Doom 3 and despite 2004 graphics I enjoyed the game.

I think I will play more oldish games.

If you want to play a game and are unimpressed with what is coming out these days, then try some older games, 17 years ago we were spoiled by the number of games we got yearly, I am sure you missed good games and even if you replay a game you have played over a decade ago, it will feel new because you would have forgotten the game by now.

There needs to be a goodreads type site for online courses.

I have been using a dumb phone for four weeks now and amongst many other fun and productive things, I have read 9 books.

I recommend moving to a dumb phone, you can still keep your smart phone in the closet and in your cars glove compartment in case you need it but not having a smart phone and old social media profiles had improved my life massively.

If you have not tried living with a dumb phone yet, Try it. I think it will be one of the best things you will do this year.

I am curious if there are any color blind people who read this toot.

Are you able to see colors that other people see and lighter and darker shades of colors that you are able to see or are you completely unable to see the difference?

Thank you.

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**Research identifies impact of teenage screen use**

"Two thirds of children use more than one screen at the same time after school, in the evenings and at weekends as part of increasingly sedentary lifestyles, according to new research."

#science #news #bot

Resident Alien could be an awesome TV show but the kid actor is awful.

I just watched the pilot episode of the new superman TV series and its pretty good. Hopefully the quality continues.

Its cool that you can still purchase a Delorian, I wonder what else John would have come up with if his company had not gone under.

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