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**Research identifies impact of teenage screen use**

"Two thirds of children use more than one screen at the same time after school, in the evenings and at weekends as part of increasingly sedentary lifestyles, according to new research."

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Resident Alien could be an awesome TV show but the kid actor is awful.

I just watched the pilot episode of the new superman TV series and its pretty good. Hopefully the quality continues.

Its cool that you can still purchase a Delorian, I wonder what else John would have come up with if his company had not gone under.

Did ya'all know that all the music in No Mans Sky is via procedural generation. Its crazy because it sounds like it was written and performed.

The initial sounds were probably performed but the sounds are put into a sequence procedurally.

I have been using a dump phone for about a week now and one of the cool benefits of it is how much more immersive Television programs have become.

It use to be when I was watching a T.V. show, I would start fiddling with my smart phone but now that I don't have that option, television feels like an amazing experience.

The show I am watching is the Expanse while I read the books.

Amazon is making the invincible comic into a animated show. If you are interested, don't go online and spoil the story for yourself, the story in the amazing is amazing, don't ruin it for yourself.

Facebook has banned news organisations from Australia.

Instead of the government grovelling to Zuckerborg for mercy, it should make a massive push for its citizens to move to the Fediverse.

They can do this by first moving all government accounts onto Fediverse apps.

Leviathan wakes, the first book of the expanse series should be subtitled -

"Delivery workers save humanity".

You'll know what I mean, if you have read the books.

Moving to a dumb phone, let's see if the hype is real.

Won't throw away my smart phone, will just leave it in the dashboard for situations were I may need it.

I have already deleted my Facebook, Instagram and twitter but I still waste lots of time because of my smartphone.

I am now thinking about switching to a dumb phone so I don't have constant easy access to distraction.

Has anyone here done the same, has the experience improved your life or is it just hype?

Are there any The Expanse fans on the fediverse?

Is it just me or is Amazon not doing a good job with the series?

The first three seasons were just amazing but seasons 4 and 5 were not as good. They were still watchable but I don't think that this series would have garnered such a cult following if the first 2 seasons were like this.

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Apple's War With Facebook Continues as New Privacy Controls Will Stop Apps From Illicitly Tracking Our Movements | @trevorhicken

There are a lot of cats on the Mastodon, not so many dogs.

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"Since you've got nothing to hide, you don't mind unlocking your phone for me, do you?" Legislatures and courts must stop police from asking us this question.

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FreeTube v0.11.2 is now released! This version includes mostly fixes for a few of the issues that came up from the v0.11.0 release. This includes some fixes for playlists and a fix for the comments issue for Flatpak builds.

You can find the full patch notes over on GitHub

You can download the new release over on the website.

uspol, bigtech 

I saw this on Reddit. I don't know if it is actually true or edited by the losers but if it is true then I don't see how old tech companies like Alphabet can be trusted, everyone needs to move to opensource software for their communication. A few tech billionaires having the power to influence like this is not good for any side of the politics.

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