Hi fellow devs!

I made a really simple addon to make it easier to generate geometry from the editor.
I'd love to hear your suggestions on how to improve it and make it useful for as many as possible!

Github : github.com/HungryProton/geomet
Original URL: twitter.com/HungryProton/statu

Voxel Cone Tracing GI is an old technique from 2011. When it came out, GPUs were not powerful enough and it had several problems (high memory usage, easy to get leaks, expensive anisotropy, hard to use, costly dynamic objects, difficult to control, etc), so it was abandoned.
Original URL: twitter.com/reduzio/status/119

Changed the way mipmaps for dynamic objects were generated,and now all self over-occlusion artifacts are gone. Everything looks smooth. I guess I am finally done with GIProbes? Feel free to test them if you can compile Godot.
Original URL: twitter.com/reduzio/status/119

Sneak peek on the super-simple game hosting for

Drag 'n drop your pck into your browser and instantly see how your game runs on the web.
Original URL: twitter.com/PlayGotM/status/11

having fun with real-time global illumination in Godot Vulkan branch
the frame-rate dropped because of the screen recording

Original URL: twitter.com/Hassan57018112/sta

After getting some feedback, I decided to add some new mechanics using the arrow. I implemented an arrow bouncing mechanic, a pole swing, and a new type of arrow: The teleporting arrow(constraints coming).
Original URL: twitter.com/antopilote/status/

I wanted to add robots that follow the player like a snake. Turns out I didn't quite think this through.
Original URL: twitter.com/Grulps/status/1190

Spanish Only (sorry, I can try doing the same in english at home this week).

Mi charla hoy mostrando el nuevo motor de rendering de Godot en Vulkan en @ImageCampus y los nuevos rendering features!youtube.com/watch?v=TrL8S7vQ6L
Original URL: twitter.com/reduzio/status/119

Small video that shows how dynamic objects participate in real-time GI, they get reflected in the environment, cause local ambient (voxel) occlusion, bounce light, and reflect surrounding objects.
Original URL: twitter.com/reduzio/status/119

I've got swingin arms and a HUD that shows the last known location of items! I was supposed to replace the temp character with some concept art that's going to match the real character but I chickened out. I've never designed a character before
Original URL: twitter.com/NelloDev/status/11

Controller Kit is out!

Another asset pack sponsored by my patrons

I'm very proud of this one, it solves a common issue I often see in projects (check this post to know more patreon.com/posts/31169155 )

You can demo it and get it at:
Original URL: twitter.com/pigdev/status/1189

Taking advantage of signal distance fields to make voxel shadow transitions smoother. This allows moving lights with little to no jitter due to sudden lit/unlit voxels. (some jitter due to no shadowmap filtering and low res shadowmap).
Original URL: twitter.com/reduzio/status/119

GIProbes now tell you how much video ram they are expected to use depending on bounds and cell subdivision.

They also now ask you to save their data to a binary file, so you don't pollute and slowdown your .tscn files.
Original URL: twitter.com/reduzio/status/119

Hey, it's been quite a while. So I've been trying to give my character hands, and I made some pretty sprites like this one:
Original URL: twitter.com/BaeIsSkjuta/status

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