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Our new main menu created by Yeld ham one of our new coders. The new menu looks much better than the old one. @godotengine youtube.com/watch?v=O9ZPRf7mNs
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The basic text editor was a bit boring.
Made my own in @godotengine in just under one hour.

Back to writing the story.

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Whatchu gonna do when the hostile entities come for you?! :D You're gonna follow me, that's what! And you're gonna see a lot more WARP-TEK in your Twitter feed, too! <3
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(Spanish) En Barcelona o alrededores? El Jueves 7 de Febrero estaré dando una Masterclass "Crear un hit game con Godot Engine y Herramientas Open Source" en el Tech Talent Center. Los espero!

Inscripción abierta y gratuita: talent.upc.edu/esp/agenda/most 
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Holding the crown for too long is hard in this frantic competition. But who said that being the Superstarfighter champion would be easy?

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Any bugs you would really like to see fixed for 3.1? DO NOT explain the bug, instead please post a link to a properly opened Github issue below.
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As we're closing in on the 3.1 release, it's a good time to contribute to translations again and make sure that they have the best quality possible for the final release.

Many languages are at 100% but could still use proofreading, while others need to catch up.
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Testing out the Godot 3.1 beta, this lil ghost guy is helping me get used to the new editor layout
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just finished redoing all the stuff to better structure my project, now i sure do feel satisfied with how is coming.

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Godot Visual Debugger is being developed right now live on Twitch! Mostly polishing for the GodotCon, but always looking for input from the community! twitch.tv/rocknightstudios/
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Nuestros alumnos están estos días presentando los proyectos que han diseñado con @unity3d, @godotengine y @LEGOMindstormsN en los cursos de Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Multiplataforma. Gran esfuerzo y buen .
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I've started to develop a small isometric game to test the upcoming 0.5 release of @rpginabox
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209 HeartBeast Arcade 3
Added start menu,
parallax background,
and auto tiler with collision to build levels faster.
Thanks to @uheartbeast for great tutorials !

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