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GitHub Trending Archive, 23 Mar 2019, C++. lemire/simdjson, AudioKit/AudioKit, envoyproxy/envoy, google/googletest, CMU-Perceptual-Computing-Lab/openpose, Microsoft/calculator, ocornut/imgui, grpc/grpc, godotengine/godot, tesseract-ocr/tesseract github.motakasoft.com/trending ++
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The game is inspired by contra, metal slug, nuclear throne and super crate box. Its coming a l9ng nicely in @godotengine.
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hey look! I sat down, shut up, and got multiplayer started :3

nothing real special yet, but you can host/connect to servers, and world partitioning works so multiple dungeons can run at the same time. < was the big thing I had to get out of the way first.

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Finally made saving and loading maps in map editor.
Now I need to do load map method in game :)

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By the end of the night we implemented tile height adjustments. When enabled via the options menu you simply hover over a tile and scroll up or down to adjust a tile.
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It's been a (very) long week or so, for all sorts of reasons, but looks like we're through it! Talif has his new portrait in the menu now. It really helps tie the whole thing together.

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New system to add resources very quickly. The resources were added to the top bar automatically. We also worked on the slide down menu at the top of the screen that displays your current inventory. They do not update at this point though.
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My "turbo tunnel" inspired little game resurrected just in time for godot 3.1. Let's see how it handles on mobile gles2
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Simple draining in for Surgery game. Prototype is shaping up quickly. The jumping around is because you click and drag up to drain at the point, often requiring many clicks. Considering a lerp for if you're draining somewhere close to the last point.
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Couldn't figure out the flash-frame-between-maps bug. Spent an hour on it, fixed another bug, found some other bugs, but just couldn't figure it out. Will leave it; it's not worth fixing.

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Broke stuff while trying to fix fades. Changing one line of code causes this. Not confident I fixed the real problem.

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Lots of progress! The grid is now just 5x5 also big upgrade in the textures for the tiles and resources. The grid is now generated and placed automatically. The top bar shows where the inventory will be later on. A slide out options menu.
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Ended up really liking the pixel style in combination with 2.5D view, The Tiles were static and manually placed at this point. A shuffle button was added to test out the beginnings of a map generator.
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