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Ok, so I finally tested my first multiplayer code with a windows laptop.
It works, so clearly my issue isn't my own code, but my router.


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Started adding an Editor/Simulator user interface to my Goal Oriented Action Planning addon for @GodotEngine.
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Followed the great Zelda-like tutorial on Youtube. I decided to play it in hard mode since I used the latest @godotengine 3.1 instead of 3.0 and there was some breakage. Still got everything working. You can play it here: jbwyatt4.com/assets/zelda_like
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One of the benefits of being a software dev:
When you can't find a tool with the features you want, just write your own.

Pro tip: Game engines usually have insanely capable GUI systems that put other GUI app dev solutions to shame.
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Hacer localización en es muuuuuuy fácil. Es hora de tatuarme el logo en mi espalda.
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Announcement time!

Hijinx: Enhanced Edition will be released on the 27th July at 12:00pm GMT, after six months of off-and-on development. It features a complete graphical overhaul, twice as many levels, and MORE CARL.

I hope you're hyped - because I am.

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After such a long time struggling with and creating 3D Art, it finally feels like I'm able to make things. I don't know if it's the tools coming around such as , , or if it's myself that's changed. But I finally feel like I'm able to truly create.
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Sorry for the radio silence lately! I've been working on optimizing the game for low-end computers, adding in options, and reworking the game's scaling/UI. So far so good!
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