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hey look! I sat down, shut up, and got multiplayer started :3

nothing real special yet, but you can host/connect to servers, and world partitioning works so multiple dungeons can run at the same time. < was the big thing I had to get out of the way first.

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It's been a (very) long week or so, for all sorts of reasons, but looks like we're through it! Talif has his new portrait in the menu now. It really helps tie the whole thing together.

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Reposting progress from my game in progress.

Here is the concept art that started it all.

The idea was to make a game where you would collect and build buildings. The game would end up being very clicker and resource gathering inspired.

Original URL: twitter.com/CarbsCode/status/1

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Added prefixes on generated assets with AssetGen:
SM_ (Static Mesh)
T_ (Texture)
M_ (Material)

And suffixes:
_D (Diffuse/Albedo)
_N (Normal)
_M (Metallic)
_R (Roughness)

Download: github.com/Linko-3D/AssetGen

Original URL: twitter.com/Linko_3D/status/11

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Been living in my new setup for close to a week now :D i can never go back to windows as my daily driver. Been doing all my game dev the past few weeks using linux version and with the exception of VR development.
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Not ideal for many reasons (integration tests are slower; duplicate coverage; tests affect other tests) but I can write basic integration tests for world generation. Hopefully, I can cover my plethora of previous bug-fixes with tests.

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I'm working on a redesign of the editor theme, following modern design best practices. This should lead to a cleaner, less cluttered look
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Fixed the NPCs-spawn-wrongly bug. It was caused by a narrow space (I expect empty tiles around the NPC because of autotiles, which wasn't available here); and a bug in calculating what tiles hold a (2x2) boss.

Original URL: twitter.com/nightblade99/statu

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Semaine du Libre à la MAM Béziers avec Montpel'libre du 26 au 31 mars 2019 montpellibre.fr  participez, animez, libérez... @Agglo_Beziers @Montpellibre @openstreetmap @aprilorg @fsf @WikimediaEdu @Wikimedia @godotengine @scratch
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We're extremely happy with how the Main Quest turns out! Really helps building Lore and deepens to the world we're building. Check below some of the main quest art!

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