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What might be the problem? My and camera combination causes when the player moves. @godotengine
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When debugging your game, navigation lines will update in real-time to reflect any path changes!
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Day 21:

Getting those statbars working. makes it really fun to handle the visual updating of variable representations with setters/getters and tweens. All I have to do now is set the hp/mp/xp and they update visually with that smooth animation.
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Autotiles are a pain in any framework. @GodotEngine gave me a hard time until I poked around and asked in Discord. Now, it seems like it was working correctly all along. So, progress.

Here's a PoC. The next step is to integrate this into the cave maps.

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Spent the weekend getting familiar with @godotengine - It takes a little getting used to but it quite nice the way to all works. godotengine.org/ 
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diving more into the // successfully made first person player controller in no time, it works really great, thanks for Godot
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These past weeks I've been working on some of the most important systems of the game, such as the save and config systems. I estimate the prototype is more than halfway done: it's starting to look like an actual game!

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Today on ,

You can now open chests to collect items. Also, for small rooms, I think I'm going to default to a static camera.

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Annoying peculiarity I found out last night. ViewportTexture paths aren't what you think they are, so instancing sprites with child viewports as its texture need to be reinitialized by manually fetching context from the dupe viewport regardless of duplication flags.
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DAY 21 - playing with physics make you realise how hard it can get. High speed and collision shapes are giving us hard time.

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Crackshot is now on linux in response to @agameraaron but I have not possibility to test it. Can a kind soul check it out and let me know if it works?

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HeartBeat I dev progress, week 3.

Added slick death and respawn visuals. Added more cool beats and effects.

Level transitions are now smooth, and the overall gameplay feels more pleasing.

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