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Holy cow! I've never used GDNative with @godotengine before this week. It is so powerful and fun. I don't know who the core devs were that made this possible, but thank you very much!
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Here's a showcase on how the running animation is tied to the player's speed. (I don't have the heart to tell him that he's misunderstood the meaning of "speed run".)

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First lock-and-door puzzle. You learn that keys unlock doors, and that the door indicates when you have the right key or not. The final test: choose from three keys and three doors - only one combination works.

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Our upcoming mobile game, JellyBop! was featured in this years @godotengine Showreel!

Coming soon to iOS & Android! godotengine.org/article/godot-

Regularly scheduled Heartifact banter returns soon, as well!
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Sometimes I have a brainfart when adding nodes in and try to name the node instead of searching for the node type. Please tell me I'm not the only one.
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Back to ! Added a bit of visual feedback on doors - once you collect the correct key, it stops moving. But, is this a dead giveaway? Do we want the player to experiment and discover the right door?
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Working on a new space game using the @godotengine. I had to compile the engine with double as the real_t type to make everything work even when far away from the origin. Now it works very smooth
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Doing some designing for my and in the meantime I decided to make an editor for @jsena42 open dialogue asset for

Not much done yet. I'm new to this whole electron/javascript/html/css stuff...This took me about 6 hours to get what you see here lol.
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Avec @Simplon_Occ et Gamer’s Thrones nous organisons la première de l’Aude ! Rdv les 11 & 12 mai à pour créer en équipe un en 48h ! Vous venez ?
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