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Scumbag Godot;
The table and the chairs are pretty much the same, but the Outline doesn't work well.

Welp, shit.

Happy with the chairs though!


He añadido un vídeo a una lista de reproducción de @YouTube ( youtu.be/a9zomlVEbbY?a  - goDot Engine - "Building a 3D game (Tractor twitter.com/craig48calderon/st

Godot Engine 3 is looking really great. The visual scripting with nodes looks very clean and the 3D features/examples very cool.

Maybe in the future will change to , the unique thing is the nodes for visual scripting, will see

youtube.com/watch?v=XptlVErsL- … twitter.com/DavitMasia/status/

Last night I was able to add in a ship and a new cursor. Exploring with @godotengine has been really exciting. twitter.com/VictorHoltDev/stat

First time trying out the GLTF2.0 export in and importer in . The source model still needs a bit of work but the car looks better in Godot then it looks in Blender :) twitter.com/mux213/status/9666

Small article explaining in depth how Patreon rewards and voting in Godot works, in hopes to clear as most doubts as possible. patreon.com/posts/17142338 twitter.com/reduzio/status/966

Just finished the first Bunnymark run on 3.0 stable! It compares GDScript, C#, D, Nim, and C++. There were perf improvements across the board ... congrats to the devs and binding authors for a great release! Check out the results here: github.com/cart/godot3-bunnyma … twitter.com/cart_cart/status/9

Modular tree experiment is kinda gross looking, but I can't look away.

Make stuff, it stinks, make it again, still stinks, make it again--maybe it will be better next time. twitter.com/mr_dude_III/status

It's Patreon voting time! Remember everyone can vote, as we have our popular vote tally together with the one from the Patrons! patreon.com/posts/17131964 twitter.com/reduzio/status/966

The Lone Chameleon will come out on next week !
If you like , please consider adding this to your wishlist.
Steam page here :
store.steampowered.com/app/808 …
Made with twitter.com/LoneChameleon/stat

He añadido un vídeo a una lista de reproducción de @YouTube ( youtu.be/X3EB2ApQKSc?a  - Godot Engine - Animaciones Básicas twitter.com/craig48calderon/st