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Yann's doing another impromptu stream as he does some prototyping. This time, he's going to try and get the proof of concept for different neighbourhoods to spawn. If you're currently free, come join! youtube.com/user/Tdoshok/live
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Reworking my platformer bubbles to work with golfing, already a lot of fun to mess with.
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Gotta say, my C++ work was getting dusty, but being thrown into a project where I get to combine C++ algorithm work with a based visual simulator and a physical hardware setup, I'm getting my legs back :D I'll see if I can get video sometime. Fun stuff!
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Take a look at the top Game Development Software from @GoodFirms that make game development just as fun as playing it - goodfirms.co/blog/best-free-op 


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Playing around with player character movement and speed, always wanted to do a quick/rough 'free your mind' scene and this was a good excuse.

Of course...there is no spoon.
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Started working on a better place to enter a user name (used for leaderboards) little work in progress menu :) This screen comes right after you select which mode to play on the main menu.

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The last report on @godotengine WebRTC implementation in is out!
Featuring High Level Multiplayer support, tutorials, examples, and a live demo.
As always, thank you for your support! godotengine.org/article/godot-
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"Random" dungeon generation for my little @godotengine for .

(1/3) The in-engine generator
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6 years later and this is not fixed:
Makes it difficult to use MESA to develop @VulkanAPI, specially because it's an API where, if you forget an initializer, you can get errors that the validation layer won't catch.
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Just updated the content in the WallSlide/Jump PR. Now the player nicely slide on the walls maintaining some inertia until reaching a final velocity. Check how we did that by following the PR github.com/GDquest/godot-metro

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Tengo unas ideas, para empezar un pequeño, proyecto de dos dias, y para empezar quiero investigar acerca de plataformas, (breve descripcion de como sera)
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To folks from Copenhagen with interest in tools:

Some of us and users are meeting for a drink on Tuesday 25 June at 18:00 at Bip Bip Bar ( bipbipbar.dk ) on Fælledvej (Nørrebro).

You're welcome to join, just notify me :)
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