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Here's the playlist for the talks and demos we had at Brussels 2019.

Lots of interesting topics ranging from neuroscience to GPU particle collisions via visual debugging and porting old DOS games to ! youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeG
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Another video with English subtitles thanks to @ainasoler!
This one is Ariel Manzur's talk on porting the old DOS game Keen Dreams to the Nintendo using : youtube.com/watch?v=MNiYZ-XuJ5
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GitHub Trending Archive, 18 Feb 2019, C++. xbmc/xbmc, envoyproxy/envoy, mozilla/DeepSpeech, Tencent/mars, swoole/swoole-src, nlohmann/json, ocornut/imgui, dmlc/xgboost, godotengine/godot, grpc/grpc, tesseract-ocr/tesseract, pytorch/pytorch, opencv/opencv github.motakasoft.com/trending ++
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Added a color/metal/roughness picker tool to my small mesh painting addon ( github.com/RodZill4/godot-mate ) for , and started adding support for layers.
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Slowly getting to where the game was before the rework. AI will be the biggest challenge but I have an idea as to how to implement it. For now, I've got some basic skills up and running!

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Coming along nicely. I hope everyone understands it will be an "early demo" when we release it in the middle March.

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Giving the "L" to big game engines, and maintaining my game on Linux, Windows, and Android (Xbox coming soon) with ONE CODEBASE! Thanks @godotengine for making my life as a solo dev so much easier!!!

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Already lining up ideas for another "app" in . Second app will be a game library management tool. You input your games and keep track of gameplay and tips. Will do a tutorial for that one too!
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