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Here is a proposal for changing the current add-on system to a sub-project system, which should address all the complaint's we've been having for the current system: github.com/godotengine/godot/i
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Welcome to the 21st Century, Animation Editor..
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For those curious, this is the first engine I worked on, back in 2002. It was later used in a MMO called Regnum Online. The girl was the early error texture.
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Work in progress new AnimationPlayer editor, which should be less messy and requiere less horizontal space. Code will be a lot tidier too.. once done, will expand it to be a more cinamatic tool and add bezier track support.
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Many games published on have been removed recently, due to a misunderstanding from Google of the placeholder permissions Godot uses to let you set actual permissions.

See this article for info on how to fix it: godotengine.org/article/fixing
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If you are having problems with your Godot game published on Google Play, please follow these steps to resolve it: godotengine.org/article/fixing
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Preview of the menu screen for Blink, my first mobile game made with @godotengine ! Coming soon...
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Finally getting started on my next project. I have been watching the crap out of @NathanGDquest tutorials.
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Proposal for upcoming theme change, this addresses several problems with the current theme, like widget differentiation
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Took a days break off my main project to revisit an old one - making a very basic match-3 game. Unsurprisingly it´s more complicated than you´d think :P But at the end of the day, I feel I´m on the right track :)
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flood destroyed land and my last tree :[. colony has no wood now :(. its a sad day! gyazo.com/79919222a6b210530e5c  <#438941647460630528>
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I still have to improve this camera but look who joined the release party: Rémi the Lynx! When in multiplayer Juan can only code, and @Akien is the one that manages the commits to the release rocket!
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I added hazards, health and death animation. Also attacks are working, but its just a temporary hack. Proper attack state and weapons without rotated sprite will be next priority. Thanks to @NathanGDquest course for inspiration!
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