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One reason I am super jazzed about @godotengine: The documentation is REALLY good: docs.godotengine.org/en/3.0/ge

Projects like Godot are what keep me in love with open source software!
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My Weekend result . I was trying from @godotengine and
from @GIMP_Official . Both are rly strong Programm/Engine.

Have a nice Day / evening
(maybe )
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It's Sunday! I'm doing my pre-planned weekly @godotengine bugfix stream at 19:00 UTC (5 hours from now). Please follow me on to get notifications when I go online! twitch.tv/tmm2k17
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Getting C# to run with @godotengine and VisualStudio Code is quite a ride...but now it's working! VS Code and OmniSharp demand a Windows 8 .Net 4.5 SDK...why is that? Godot's build file?
Anyway, looking forward to code @godotengine in C#!
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Running Bond, Basketweave, Herringbone... Learned a lot about brick patterns while adding them to Material Maker ( textures generation tool made with ).
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Nuestra pequeña contribución (tardía) a las herramientas generadas durante la : ¡un sistema (básico) de metalenguaje para novelas visuales en @godotengine! twitter.com/BuendiaGames/statu
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Today we have just finished our basic visual novel metalanguage for @godotengine! It is useful as a starting point for VN-like games, or to have ready-to-use code to make cutscenes! Go take a look :D github.com/BuendiaGames/Rayuel
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End of day one for me :D

Feel like we got a bunch of stuff done! Especially for only had been working in Godot for the second day XD.

I've learned so much!

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Going to start learning today, have never tried using a python-like language before but it looks like its going to be fun!

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GitHub Trending Archive, 17 Aug 2018, C++. nlohmann/json, ApolloAuto/apollo, facebook/rocksdb, ocornut/imgui, dmlc/xgboost, google/leveldb, godotengine/godot, grpc/grpc, pytorch/pytorch, tesseract-ocr/tesseract, BVLC/caffe, opencv/opencv, google/protobuf github.motakasoft.com/trending ++
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