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Sidenote: I love the 3D aspect of Godot. What are some hidden tools that make it worth using?

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Recoloured the Death Forest. It took nearly an hour (I'm a new artist) but with some experimentation, the final results look good alhamdulillah. Here's a time-lapse of versions.

First image is the previous one. Contrast improved a lot.

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Los alumnos imaginaron otra cosa cuando leyeron "Animación de Seno" en el programa de la materia.
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Getting back into the game using @godotengine. Just scratched the surface of what is offering, but i already see a lot of potential for games, no matter if its just some game mechanics or experimental rendering techniques. |
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HeartBeat I dev progress, week 10.

I'm participating in game jam so I don't have much to showcase for this week. Here's a lame beat visualizer for lame beats.
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GitHub Trending Archive, 07 Dec 2018, C++. uglide/RedisDesktopManager, Tencent/mars, ApolloAuto/apollo, aria2/aria2, Microsoft/CNTK, cmderdev/cmder, godotengine/godot, grpc/grpc, pytorch/pytorch, tesseract-ocr/tesseract, BVLC/caffe, opencv/opencv github.motakasoft.com/trending ++
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I haven't made animations for his (>▽<) facial expression yet, but here's the stretchy boy using one of his special powers.... super garlic breath !!!
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