i just found out about the African Pygmy Falcon and now so have you LOOK AT IT

EVERY time I start to feel like I have down, something almost inexplicable will happen that puts me back in my place.

This has been going on for years.

My smartphone social media strategy: "Don't call me, I'll call you!"
- Minimal apps (Facebook and Twitter via browser)
- No notifications (except icon indicator)
- No background activity

The best thing for consumers would be open protocols to producer's content where the content-hubs could add value with subtitles, dubbing, etc. and then charge the consumers a monthly fee that would then get distributed to the content consumed.

This is a portrait made entirely from vanilla HTML and CSS - no SVG, no frameworks. It's crazy good.


Exactly when was it observed and written that this sentence consists of two hundred forty-six characters in total: sixty-six vowels, one hundred thirty-three consonants, thirty-five spaces, one colon, six commas, four dashes, and a question mark?

Overheard at Burgerville, in a conversation between two women in their 60s talking about their streaming devices: "Thank God for the programmers who work hard to make these things easier to use all the time." So wholesome!!!

Me spending $3750 on a computer: 👍

Me spending $3750 on major appliances: 😬

Nobody is interested in release notes so let's write anything there.

I just published my first syndicated article! I'm so excited! I had a great time working with the JSIPE team, and I think we put something really good together.

If you're interested in JavaScript frameworks, please consider checking this article out as well as Part 1!


I got nominated as good engineer this fortnight! Wooo

@ckeen @mconley It wasn't difficult to import my follow list from my last instance, but i'd been there for four months and I was sitting around 400 accounts already.

Starting from scratch would have been difficult.

Discover-ability with small instances is a problem.

does everyone on use Route53 for EVERYthing?

is on ec2 for lower volume nameserver doable? not much about alt approaches.

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