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I'm still in disbelief at how much you have to do to replace the HDD of a Mac Mini 2014+. I even had to do the coathanger shit.

No more white on blue icons. Society has progressed past the need for white on blue icons

thoughts on my upcoming move 📦 

@ashfurrow Hope the move goes smoothly all restrictions considered. I've lived in Atlantic Canada my whole life, and while I'm aware that it's far from perfect, there's no place I'd rather be, especially right now.

mozilla shitpost 

So I guess this mozilla firefox branded vpn is supposed to be cause you hate performance and trust a company that fired everyone from their forward-facing projects recently while continuing to increase executive pay more than comcast

ok more than comcast, maybe Normally I'd never even consider going with a refurb drive, but god damn that price is tempting. Might be worth looking into the return policy so you can check SMART before you commit. It seems this one has a 30 day RMA policy outlined here:

Did Dell challenge themselves to create as much plastic waste as possible with their early 2000s desktops? I just ripped apart an old Optiplex and managed to fill half of a blue bag with everything that came off of it.

Honestly I wasn't even sure if I was awake when I saw the news that Microsoft absorbed Zenimax

Diabotical is fun, but every time I play it I can't help but pine for an arena shooter with air control. If only Reflex hadn't been such a fuckup toward the end of early access.

Interesting to see that there's still a bunch of GC/Wii and PS3 specific stuff still present in mainline Linux. I have to wonder what it's still doing there since I'm fairly sure the last kernel ever booted on the Wii was a 3.x LTS release done in 2017, but anyone who could get a 5.x running on it would have my undying respect.

@deshipu What I really don't get is why you're bringing up my inherent lack of understanding on all of Nintendo's various marketing interactions (which is a perfectly valid point that applies to all internet commenters) and then proceed to make your own claims that Nintendo has this all planned out and can't afford to lose when we have public knowledge of their numerous and occasionally colossal failures that they've bounced back from.

@deshipu Nothing about Nintendo's strategies have ever suggested an overarching long game. They tried the limited time classic game offer with the 3DS, and all it did was jack up used console prices. The Wii U was an unmitigated disaster. They have gone on record to say that their mobile strategy is falling apart. The 3DS ports of older games sold so poorly that it put one of the developers - AlphaDream - out of business. This is not a company with a master plan, and I don't see why that would change now.

@deshipu Is it wrong to suggest that it could be working out better, both for Nintendo and its customers? Xbox Game Pass seems to have a much better model for this both in consistency of sales and incentives for customers to stay subscribed after getting drawn in.

@deshipu This tactic only ensures that the initial rush of sales are the only sales they'll get. Nintendo's lack of legacy title availability is only denying them the long term revenue that MS enjoys whenever someone decides to dig deeper into a franchise that's getting a new entry or an old entry manages to attain newfound popularity. Nintendo's judgement on older ports has been shaky at best, what with many titles like Luigi's Mansion getting shoved onto the 3DS at the end of its lifespan.

First we get a drip feed of NES and SNES games that can be emulated without issue by just about every device on the planet. Now we're getting a limited run of a collection of 3D Mario games that doesn't even include Galaxy 2, all at full retail price of course. If Microsoft pulled this shit with the old Halo games, people would be furious for years.

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God I fucking hate Nintendo. Not once have they competently managed to keep their old games playable in some form on the Switch.

@mdszy If you want to start getting really deep into weird ACE shit in games, check out all of the stuff you can do with Gen I Pokemon games without any external tools. This one in particular is pure insanity:

And here's a general reference guide:

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