the argument that the fedi is intrinsically vulnerable to fascists or other bad actors due to having a low barrier of entry seems deeply misconceived to me. corporate social media has lower barriers of entry, less moderation (much harder to get suspended from twitter than to get defederated from on here), and allows for much greater, and algorithmically boosted, reach

There's no way Stadia makes it through the summer. Even that's generous.

After about two months of waiting, I finally got a replacement fan in for a broken PS4 I picked up on the cheap. Now that it can actually stay on for more than 30 seconds without flashing red lights and shutting down, I should be set to play Bloodborne tomorrow.

Happy new year everyone. I don't expect things to turn around for a bit, but here's hoping the back half is alright.

Cautiously optimistic now that the first shots have been given out in Canada, but it's a long road ahead.

I'm just relieved that we're smart enough to vaccinate vulnerable populations and healthcare workers first.

If you told me the Xbox One 2077 footage was from a cancelled Switch prototype I'd probably believe you

I'm never not going to get mad at people pronouncing Elo as an acronym

I know an Athlon 64 X2 isn't doing jack shit these days, but I do wonder if it's worth the time to grab a cheap Phenom/Athlon II X4, drop it into the same mobo, and turn that into a basic web browser/video conference machine. I never want to hear the word "doorcrasher" again as long as I live

Hard for me to say anything relevant or useful about the election as a lifelong Canadian, but here's hoping the descent into full-blown fascism stops here. Best of luck to you all.

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