We still have some $OMG and $DAI to give away! If you trade $500 equivalent in volume and at least $250 of your trades are with a Dai based pair, you'll get both 10 OMG and 50 Dai. Come take advantage of this before it's too late!


@compoundfinance, @UMAprotocol, @Dharma_HQ and @dxdyprotocol also allow you to interact with $DAI. We hope that by providing Dai on , we can help to increase the avenues in which a user can acquire and interact with Dai. We want to support Dai in our own way.

Dai is a pioneer in the decentralization of stablecoins. @SetProtocol, is among the great projects who supports @MakerDAO ecosystem. It allows you to automatically balance your $ETH and $DAI.

Trading pairs available on are ETH/DAI, USDC/DAI and OMG/DAI.

Did you know we listed $DAI last week? Trading pairs available are ETH/DAI, USDC/DAI and OMG/DAI. To celebrate our listing, we're also giving 5,000 Dai, you can read the details here buff.ly/2XF6wmH

We’re very excited to list one of your favorite stablecoins, $DAI! As big believers of Dai, we wanted to share our thoughts on why Dai matters and its role in the decentralized movement. What are yours?

Trading pairs available are ETH/DAI, USDC/DAI, OMG/DAI


Got your $GOT? What’s the model?
💰 Users earn GOT by using
🗳️ GOT holders vote on their favorite token to be burned
🔥 50% of our tx revenue is used to burn top voted tokens in community burn in year 1


We now have liquidity for BCH-USDC (yeah)! Come trade on and earn some $GOT.

New listing!
The alpha phase is going well so far. Our team is grateful for all the feedback we have received, thanks to all of you. We opened trading for BCH/BTC, BCH/USDC, LTC/BTC and LTC/USDC!

We're still on boarding people in our closed soft launch, thanks to everyone who have signed up and who are giving us feedback! We genuinely appreciate it. We are supporting these coins so far, stay tuned, more are coming!

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