New listing!
The alpha phase is going well so far. Our team is grateful for all the feedback we have received, thanks to all of you. We opened trading for BCH/BTC, BCH/USDC, LTC/BTC and LTC/USDC!

We're still on boarding people in our closed soft launch, thanks to everyone who have signed up and who are giving us feedback! We genuinely appreciate it. We are supporting these coins so far, stay tuned, more are coming!

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This Mastodon instance is for people interested in technology. Discussions aren't limited to technology, because tech folks shouldn't be limited to technology either! We adhere to an adapted version of the TootCat Code of Conduct and follow the Toot Café list of blocked instances. Ash is the admin and is supported by Fuzzface, Brian!, and Daniel Glus as moderators. Hosting costs are largely covered by our generous supporters on Patreon – thanks for all the help!