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Today we noticed a change with YouTube that broke playback with videos in the local API. In response, we're releasing v0.17.1 Beta that includes a fix to this issue. There's also a small amount of other changes to go along with it!

Check out the full patch notes over on GitHub:

As always, you can download the update from our website:

Today we're releasing v0.17.0 of

This release has a ton of changes and fixes which includes being able to screenshot videos as well as improvements to our Sponsorblock implementation. Check out the full patch notes over on GitHub.

As always, the new release can be downloaded over on our website.

We just released v0.16.0 of ! This release includes a number of changes from the last few months along with fixing a very recent buffering issue with video play back. Check out the full release notes over on GitHub.

Today we're releasing v0.15.1 of (Looks like I forgot to make a post for v0.15.0, oops!). This release fixes the buffering issues that's been coming up recently as well as some other small but notable fixes. Find the full patch notes over on GitHub.

Almost forgot to post this here.

We're making some changes with how the development of is structured. You may not have realized it, but you've likely already experienced these changes. The biggest change is that FreeTube now has a full team behind it! This will greatly improve turnaround for new updates moving forward and has been a tremendous help to our backlog.

You can learn more about these changes as well as other changes at the latest blog post.

We've just pushed out v0.14.0 of .

This release has a very large amount of changes over the last couple of months along with some well needed fixes. As always, you can check the full patch notes over on GitHub.

Hey all, we've been well aware of the issues recently going on with not able to load videos anymore. Today we're releasing v0.13.2 Beta to address this issue. Videos should now be working again with this update. As always you can update the app through the website.

Thanks for you patience! I know it's been an annoying few days with these issues going on.

We're pushing out v0.13.1 of today to fix some of the issues that occurred with v0.13.0. Namely we've fixed the issues with Trending and age restricted videos not working. Check out the full patch notes in the link below!

We just released version 0.13.0 of !

This new version includes the much requested support among a ton of other changes and fixed. Check out the full patch notes over on GitHub.

As always, you can grab the latest release over on the website.

I'm pleased to announce that our new documentation site is now live! Any general information you may have about can now be found over at

Feel free to check out the associated blog post to learn more

I've just released version 0.12.0 of . This release fixes several local API problems along with some quality of life features. Check out the full patch notes over on GitHub.

You can download the new release over on the website.

What sort of documentation would you like to see created for ? I'm starting plans to move our current wiki over to a new static site. While I'm at it, I may add some extra documentation along with it. I'm open to suggestions and would like to see what the community thinks is missing.

version 0.11.3 has just been released! This release fixes the recent issues with channels / comments not loading properly. We also merged a change to improve the usability of the search bar.

Check out the full release notes here (Even though there isn't much this time around):

You can download the latest release over on the website:

FreeTube v0.11.2 is now released! This version includes mostly fixes for a few of the issues that came up from the v0.11.0 release. This includes some fixes for playlists and a fix for the comments issue for Flatpak builds.

You can find the full patch notes over on GitHub

You can download the new release over on the website.

Just a quick PSA that a leak was discovered with the Proxy functionality in FreeTube. This occurs when using certain modules for the local API where they bypass the proxy settings. Watching a video is one of the modules where this occurs. Watching the video itself will be proxied properly however the fetching of the video URL will not. I've already made this fix in the dev branch and will include it in the next release. Be aware of this issue when using the proxy settings in

Okay. We should be good now. I've released v0.11.1 which is a hotfix that fixes the issue with search not working. Sorry to make everyone update again! We had a problem with one of our modules that I didn't catch in time.

I think I broke search from a last minute change. Sorry about that! I'll get this fixed here in a little bit.

New update is live :)

Release v0.11.0 brings back a lot of missing features from before we released the rewrite. This includes proxy support along with the ability to save videos to a dedicated list.

Check out the full patch notes here

Download the new update here

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We are absolutely thrilled to announce that @PINE64 is releasing a Mobian Community Edition of the #pinephone! This is a major milestone for our project, which started less than a year ago as a way to bring Debian to this
mobile device!
10$ of each device sold will be donated to @mobian. See more soon about this on our blog at

Been keeping this development train rolling today and got another good feature ready. I was able to finish up basic video saving functionality. This is using some playlist logic underneath but will only allow you to save one list of videos. I'll be releasing it with this behavior but when user playlists are finished, all the videos in this list will be migrated to a "Favorites" playlist automatically. Really excited to get this out to everyone.

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