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I have published an NPM module that allows you to grab channel information from YouTube without any official APIs.

This module will be used within the FreeTube rewrite whenever the local API is being used. It has been separated from FreeTube so that anyone else who may want this functionality can freely use it.

Let me know what you think! I'm open to feedback.

A new FreeTube release is here! The new v0.7.3 release fixes some of the recent issues with videos not playing properly.

More info in the changelog:

Download FreeTube here:

The website migration is complete!

Thank you for your patience!

The site will be down for the next hour or so while I work on migrating to a new hosting service. While down, you can always download the latest release of FreeTube on GitHub.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Blog issue seems to be resolved. Wasn't sure what changed but it looks like we're back to working.

There's been some recent progress in the rewrite that I've been working on. In this recent blog post, I'll go over what's been updated and next steps. There's also a nice little announcement in there as well.

Take a look at the blog post here:

The blog post for the next FreeTube update will unfortunately be postponed. The blog post has been flagged as malicious and has blocked me from posting it (Even though I fully believe that it is not malicious). I will have the blog posted as soon as I am once again able to. Apologies for the inconvenience.

@write_as I have sent you a support email regarding this issue. Hope to hear back from you soon.

The website have been given a very needed design update. A huge thanks to cjfloss on GitHub for the contribution!

Check it out here:

I'm not sure why, but it looks like the FreeTube site was down for a day or so. Should be back up now! Sorry for any inconvenience!

I have been doing a terrible job lately at responding to emails. I just spent a lot of time responding to any emails that I received from the last 2 months. If you sent me an email recently, you should have a response now. Apologies for any late responses. If you didn't get a response, please let me know.

Starting with the rewrite, FreeTube will be relicensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3. This change will help guarantee software freedom within FreeTube as FreeTube evolves to include new features such as the ability to self host it on your own server. This change has already been made within the new repository. Please know that all previous versions of FreeTube are still licensed under the original GPLv3 license.

FreeTube Site 

Sorry for taking so long on this, but the FreeTube site is back up and running. Thanks for your patience!

The FreeTube website appears to have been down for a while. Looks like Njalla (The provider for the site) has been having some issues. I don't know when the site will be back up. In the mean time FreeTube can always be downloaded from the GitHub releases section.

The code for the FreeTube rewrite has been released! This is an unfinished project to port FreeTube to make proper utilization to Vue.js as well as cleaning up things along the way. There are a lot of things to be done before it's ready for an official release, but I'd love to have your help on getting it there!

Check out the blog post to learn more:

Check out the repo here:

Expect to see the code for the rewrite publicly released this weekend! This will open up the rewrite for contributors to help out with getting the new code base back to parity with the last release. I'm really excited to get this out there as it's shaping up very nicely. Expect a blog post to come out with more details along with how you can help.

Here' a preview of what's to come ;)

The rewrite has had some progress made and it's coming along quite nicely. There isn't too much to share just yet but I'm pleased with the progress so far. I hope to get more info out to everyone soon. :)

For those of you having issues with the latest Mac OS Catalina update, I've released a new .dmg build which should fix your problems. The download can be found on the website. A brief blog post about the issue can be found below:

I've pushed out a new release to help fix some of the recent playback issues that's been happening recently. You can learn more about it at the associated blog post.

You can download FreeTube over at the website:

Those using on macOS might have some problems running it on the latest Catalina update. I'm unsure if there's a workaround (there should be) but I don't know if it can be fixed without owning a Mac myself. If you rely on FreeTube with your Mac, it might be worth holding off on updating your device if it can be helped. I'll leave an update if I find more information.

Update on issues from yesterday 

It looks like YouTube has reverted the changes that they've made yesterday. No one knows if this is temporary but everything should be working again without any updates to your existing applications. Several projects have already pushed fixes that will keep them running regardless of YouTube's decision. I'll post again if any more issues arise but it looks like we're back to normal now.

A recent change to YouTube has broken most open source YouTube players. FreeTube will still run as normal if you disable the "Grab Videos Locally" option in your settings.

You can learn more about it over at the issue on GitHub.

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