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Version 0.6.0 of FreeTube has been released! This version included support for 1080 videos, live video support, and a lot of other extra features. You can check out the patch notes over at our blog.

You can find the download links for FreeTube over at our website.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts. I'm really proud of how this has turned out!

I've been finishing up some last minute bug fixes with the next FreeTube release. There's a lot that will be included and it should be a much needed improvement. I'm really excited to get this out to everyone.

I just realized I left out a word on my introduction toot. Oops...

Hello !

I am person behind FreeTube, the private YouTube client for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I enjoy talking about technology and privacy so my toots will mostly be about those, but there will be a good amount of toots about FreeTube as well.

I'm also looking for more people to follow! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Check out FreeTube here:

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