Today we noticed a change with YouTube that broke playback with videos in the local API. In response, we're releasing v0.17.1 Beta that includes a fix to this issue. There's also a small amount of other changes to go along with it!

Check out the full patch notes over on GitHub:

As always, you can download the update from our website:

Today we're releasing v0.17.0 of

This release has a ton of changes and fixes which includes being able to screenshot videos as well as improvements to our Sponsorblock implementation. Check out the full patch notes over on GitHub.

As always, the new release can be downloaded over on our website.


This was not setup by myself. I would be weary of downloading this build. Only sources linked on the website are official builds.


Sure is. Check out the Privacy Redirect extension. Once installed, you can enable redirecting to FreeTube in the advanced settings.


Hey there! I'm well aware of the popular Return YouTube Dislike service that the app you mentioned is using. At this time, while close, I personally don't believe that the service is privacy respecting enough to be included into FreeTube. Please see this comment I made on GitHub for more details. This is why I worded the patch notes the way I did.

We just released v0.16.0 of ! This release includes a number of changes from the last few months along with fixing a very recent buffering issue with video play back. Check out the full release notes over on GitHub.

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