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I'm doing quite well, thanks for asking. I encouraged the team to take a break for the month of December to unwind and the team seemed to follow my suggestion. We're slowly ramping development back up and should have some updates out soon. There's some exciting stuff coming out soon so hopefully I'll be able to share more about that later this month. :)

Today we're releasing v0.15.1 of (Looks like I forgot to make a post for v0.15.0, oops!). This release fixes the buffering issues that's been coming up recently as well as some other small but notable fixes. Find the full patch notes over on GitHub.

@gordoteton Hello! You can actually download the "Privacy Redirect" extension for Firefox / Chrome to accomplish this. In their advanced settings, you can enable FreeTube support for YouTube links. Please let me know if you have any issues with this. Any issue you find is likely not an issue with the extension itself.

@PINE64 Really excited to see this. Looks like my major complaints of the original Pinephone have been addressed. Will probably have to get one for myself when they become available.

Almost forgot to post this here.

We're making some changes with how the development of is structured. You may not have realized it, but you've likely already experienced these changes. The biggest change is that FreeTube now has a full team behind it! This will greatly improve turnaround for new updates moving forward and has been a tremendous help to our backlog.

You can learn more about these changes as well as other changes at the latest blog post.

We've just pushed out v0.14.0 of .

This release has a very large amount of changes over the last couple of months along with some well needed fixes. As always, you can check the full patch notes over on GitHub.

I've noticed this myself recently. I've only noticed it with videos that were live streamed however. I've been meaning to look more into this. It's very likely certain videos / behaviors that's causing this.

Hey all, we've been well aware of the issues recently going on with not able to load videos anymore. Today we're releasing v0.13.2 Beta to address this issue. Videos should now be working again with this update. As always you can update the app through the website.

Thanks for you patience! I know it's been an annoying few days with these issues going on.


Doesn't look like it will happen. There's no real way that Apple or Google for that matter would allow FreeTube on their app stores. That and the work needed to support those platforms isn't worth the benefits compared to existing solutions that are out there (NewPipe, Invidious).


Are you on the latest release? We released a fix for it a while ago.


For now there isn't, though it's possible to be supported. You could also clone the project down and build from source to have it build for BSD. It'd be a few small changes to our build scripts but should be doable.

We've heard of mixed success with users that require accessibility elements within the app. Last I remember it was usable but was missing a few things. It's definitely something that we'd like to look into more at a later point though.


Ahh, good catch. We'll try to address this in the next major release. Glad you're enjoying it though :)


By default, FreeTube won't help with bypassing country restrictions. You can however use a VPN or connect FreeTube to an Invidious instance located in a country where the video isn't blocked to watch that video.

We're pushing out v0.13.1 of today to fix some of the issues that occurred with v0.13.0. Namely we've fixed the issues with Trending and age restricted videos not working. Check out the full patch notes in the link below!

We just released version 0.13.0 of !

This new version includes the much requested support among a ton of other changes and fixed. Check out the full patch notes over on GitHub.

As always, you can grab the latest release over on the website.

It's the next major feature that I'll be working on, however it's heavily dependent on my free time to work on it so it's difficult to give an ETA. Hopefully soon.


Very sorry for the late response. Is this still a problem? How did you install FreeTube? I tried installing on a Linux Mint VM via the .deb file as well as Flatpak and didn't notice any issues.

I'm pleased to announce that our new documentation site is now live! Any general information you may have about can now be found over at

Feel free to check out the associated blog post to learn more

I've just released version 0.12.0 of . This release fixes several local API problems along with some quality of life features. Check out the full patch notes over on GitHub.

You can download the new release over on the website.

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