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I just pushed out a new blog post detailing the plans and roadmap for in 2021. Feel free to give it a read and let me know what you think.

It's something I'd like to do at some point. It's a fairly big task however so my plan is to prioritize other things for now. Once we become more feature complete I'll start working on this.

I just pushed out a new release of . Version 0.10.0 comes with fixes for the search and playlist functionality as well as a new full window feature for the video player.

You can check out the full patch notes over on GitHub.

You can download the new release over on the main website.

Thanks everyone for the support!

I've pushed out v0.9.3 of FreeTube. This new release mostly fixes the recent issues with the local API while also adding some QOL features.

Check out the patch notes over on GitHub

You can download the new release over on our website.

I just released v0.9.2 of which should fix the recent issues with videos not playing along with a handful of other features. Check out the patch notes over on GitHub.

Download the new release over on the website.

There will be another update here in a couple of days to fix the search problems. Stay on the lookout for that.

I just released version v0.9.1 of

This release includes a WIP patch for the recent issues with search that's been going on within the app. There's still more that needs to be done before it'll be fixed completely however you can keep up to date with that over here on GitHub

The new version of FreeTube can be found here.

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Thanks to @debian 's €10,000 donation (and not $10,000 as announced a few hours ago), we've just reached the 4th step of our PeerTube fundraising. Many thanks to all those who donated. And it's not too late to contribute :

I've just updated to v0.9.0. This update fixes some of the issues that come up along with adding back distraction free mode. Check out the full changelog here.

You can download the new release over at our website.


Let me know when it's ready and I'll enable it in the dev builds :)

There's been a couple of cases of users experiencing 429 errors in the past day or so. I've written a new blog to go into more details on what this error is and why you may be experiencing it. I also go over some ways to prevent it and our plans for preventing it moving forward. Check it out here.

It's here! The new has just released! This release is a year long rewrite of the application which includes a huge revamp of everything. There's even some new things that wasn't in the last release. Take a look at the blog post to learn more.

Thank you so much for your patience on this, I really hope it was worth the wait!

Weblate should be back up and running! Thanks for your patience!

I've locked our Weblate repository to work on some migrations. I'll update here when we'll be ready for translations again.

The rewrite releases in only a couple of days! Really excited to get this out for everyone. Should be a good release. :)

I've just released a blog post detailing the recent updates that have been made to the rewrite as well as my plans for the next release along with the official release date! I'm looking forward to finishing this up and getting this out to everybody. Feel free to read the blog post to learn more!

Would you like to see in your native language? Now's your chance! As of now, FreeTube is now ready to accept translations via Weblate! I welcome any and everyone who would like to help out with translations to hop over to Weblate and add your language.

Check out the relevant blog post here:

If you'd like to go straight to Weblate, try this link:

Here are my thoughts on the recent announcement of Invidious shutting down soon. I also go over what this means for both Invidious and FreeTube in the future. If you have any questions regarding this, please let me know.

I think my wording was rather poor in my last post so I'll reiterate.

FreeTube will still be maintained and functional at the end of all of this. A lot of work will need to be done to get to this point. Whether it gets done before Invidious shuts down is another story. The changes that needs to be made are what I'd like my future announcement to be about.

CC: @Hawk1291

Hey all,

It was recently announced that Invidious will be shutting down in September. I don't know for sure what will happen to the project. I'll be making an announcement on what this means for FreeTube as soon as I have time.

Announcement Post:

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