We just released version 0.13.0 of !

This new version includes the much requested support among a ton of other changes and fixed. Check out the full patch notes over on GitHub.

As always, you can grab the latest release over on the website.

@FreeTube thanks so much!
I'm really looking forwards to testing this out! 😃👍

@FreeTube This is how a service should be(regarding your Sponsorblock disclaimer): "[...]we’ve collectively decided to allow the inclusion of this feature, so that users can have the privilege of choice, since we don’t intend to force our beliefs onto anyone."
And I say this as someone who will let this feature disabled.

@FreeTube I saw Linux but nothing about the *BSDs. Are any of the BSDs in the make files?


For now there isn't, though it's possible to be supported. You could also clone the project down and build from source to have it build for BSD. It'd be a few small changes to our build scripts but should be doable.

@FreeTube unfortunately build scripts are harder than programming to me. I compile via terminal commands like “cc -o program”

@FreeTube did you code with accessibility in mind? Can screen readers see all of your elements within the app?


We've heard of mixed success with users that require accessibility elements within the app. Last I remember it was usable but was missing a few things. It's definitely something that we'd like to look into more at a later point though.

@FreeTube I was wondering, could you make freetube available on phones? In particular, I'm interested in the app being available on appstore or from the web.


Doesn't look like it will happen. There's no real way that Apple or Google for that matter would allow FreeTube on their app stores. That and the work needed to support those platforms isn't worth the benefits compared to existing solutions that are out there (NewPipe, Invidious).

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