Another thing I'd like to do for the new year is to try to use this account more for things other than announcements. My initial plans for this account was to do personal / none FreeTube related updates as well. Should I try to do this more? Or should I just stick to FreeTube related updates?

@FreeTube use this account more. You can always add the announcments of Freetube aswell.

@FreeTube Well, if you want to post more personal stuff, that would be completely OK for me ☺️ If you're feeling uncomfortable with using an @FreeTube profile for non-FreeTube stuff you might want to consider creating a second account?

But for me at least, everything would be fine :)


I'm more than happy to mix both on this account. I just wanted to get a feel on what others follow me for. If no one has an issue then I don't see a reason to make a second account.

@FreeTube By all means, do personal updates as well 😀 I just love reading stuff on Mastodon 👍🏻

@FreeTube I'm here for freetube since I don't know you in a private way. ;-)


Obviously I won't say things too personal. It'll still be privacy related discussions. ;)

@FreeTube I'm personally not fond of personal stuff in project accounts that I'm subscribed to. So I'm voting no :blobthinkingeyes:

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