I just pushed out a new release of . Version 0.10.0 comes with fixes for the search and playlist functionality as well as a new full window feature for the video player.

You can check out the full patch notes over on GitHub.

You can download the new release over on the main website.

Thanks everyone for the support!

@FreeTube thank you so much for your awesome work

I'm enjoying #FreeTube in my #LinuxMint 20 Ulyana with #Cinnamon

@FreeTube I just installed this version and oh my god, it is so much better. Thankyou for doing this. If I may make a feature request, I would like to have the ability block channels from showing up on the trending tab, search results and suggested videos, like you can do with the blocktube plugin on Chrome. Thankyou again for this great program.


This is planned for a future update. No ETA on it but it's something that I'm wanting to do.

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