Apologies for the delay! My review is now available! This took me way longer to do than I thought so I hope it's worth the read. I appreciate any feedback you might have. Also willing to answer any questions you might have about the Pinephone that I didn't get to in my review.

Review is here: I'm not buying one until they get rid of that crap GPU and add at least one more GB of ram sailfish is promising but still has closed source UI I'm pretty sure this is because it uses the closed version of QT so at least theirs a reason

@Nonetrix That's fair. I'd also like to see some better specs in a future revision. They did at least announce a 3GB model recently. In my test I don't think that'll fix the performance issues though. I love the idea of a linux phone but it's not their yet the best thing you can get is a sailfish phone really but it uses the closed android drivers in a wrapper and a closed UI I'm thinking about getting one since my battery has been getting worse the top end one you can install it on is a upgrade over my phone the google pixel 3A

@FreeTube this was a great review! I'd definitely be interested in reading a follow-up!!

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