Expect to see the code for the rewrite publicly released this weekend! This will open up the rewrite for contributors to help out with getting the new code base back to parity with the last release. I'm really excited to get this out there as it's shaping up very nicely. Expect a blog post to come out with more details along with how you can help.

Here' a preview of what's to come ;)

@Gina @FreeTube I've switched over from YouTube to (which FreeTube is based on).

I love it but sometimes you can get some connectivity issues. Hooktube is my back up.

@kylejj @Gina

Invidious will still be used but this rewrite will allow FreeTube to use a local API instead. It will be possible to use FreeTube with little to no dependency on Invidious with the option to fallback to the other endpoint if your preference fails.

@FreeTube Looks very nice. I'm looking forward to try it out once more. I tried it a few months back and it was quite unusable because of could not connect to inatance or something like that. Hopefully this will be fixed in this coming update 😊


I'd give it another try with the latest release if you're willing to. There were some instance issues a while back like you mentioned but they should be all ironed out now. If issues arise it's pretty easy to switch instances.

Waiting until the rewrite is finished is cool too. It should be a night and day difference once it's ready.

@FreeTube I installed FreeTube through Flathub and it works very well right now. But my screensaver activated after x minutes while watching a video. Please fix that for next release :)


Can do. It will be possible with the new rewrite :)

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