Hello World, we are in the Fediverse and want to introduce our project: A fully free and open source in the spirit of RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 and 2.

The game is in an early state, but playable and we are working hard towards a 0.1 release!

Try it in your browser by visiting freerct.net or directly install it on your machine.

What a fantastic project @FreeRCT , welcome to the 'verse. I have a friend who's a huge RollerCoaster Tycoon fan and I have sent her a link to your homepage, with a warning that it's still early days :)

#RollerCoasterTycoon #LibreGames

@strypey Looking forward to seeing her involved. We are still collecting ideas for the next ride types, I hope we get some more suggestions and likes :)

Thank you!

She doesn't have any dev skills but I was thinking she might enjoy being a play tester and be able to give you some feedback from a non-dev POV.

@strypey @FreeRCT
Why am I only just finding out about this? erh mah gherd.

When @FreeRCT posted their new here message they were only just getting started, so you're still getting in pretty early 😊

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