Some features missing from blame.

git blame --passive-aggressive-email

git blame --i-will-end-you

git blame --not-mad-just-disappointed

Jobalarm! 👩‍💻⏰ Bei gibt’s ab März eine 15-Stunden-Stelle in Rostock, für studentische Mitarbeit bei #jugendhackt:

Do you want to completely change the Linux Desktop environment forever?

Help me and other 3 developers build Akira, the first and only Native Vector Graphic Tool for UX Designers.

Regain your independence from proprietary apps, help us make Akira happen!
#linux #design #sketch #figma #opensource #kickstarter #help

I made a terrible game where you have to guess which bad domain name is more expensive:

An employee's experience during first contact with YOUR workplace is important to do right, make them feel welcome and comfortable. Check out the latest episode of LiaisonX, where I talk about the importance of an onboarding process, starting with a personal story :)

Hey #35c3, schaltet eure unangemeldeten WLAN Access Points ab! Das macht das Netz für uns alle schlechter. Das sucht und findet euch! 😈

I don't find my scooter anymore at #35C3
The second picture shows the handles. There is a "no cookie licking" sticker in the front.

Pls halp

Im ICE sitzt mir eine ältere Frau gegenüber, ich hol mein mit #CYBER beklebtes Notebook und fragt „Sie fahren nach Leipzig oder? Mein Sohn ist auch dort und arbeitet sonst bei Mozilla. Versprechen Sie mir, dass Sie dort dann die Welt wieder ein bisschen besser machen?“ 🥰

I have a reservation for two 4-person dorm rooms in the A&O hostel near Leipzig main station from 26th–31st this month, which I don't need, for 428 EUR/room. Any takers? #35c3

kubernetes is a hell of a lot of configuration. Really looking forward to get it running smoothly...

I don't need zero-config, let me config everything.

I'm absolutely in favor of zero-magic, let me see what needs to go in & what's happening in the system.

@martin Mal so nebenbei: Hättest du Bock dich nächste Woche auf ein kühlen Hopfengetränk zu treffen? Ich hab im Dezember etwas Freizeit ;)

Grandpa? Tell me about the cyberwars!

So there I was... Hunkered down behind the firewall trenches under a barrage of TCP scans!

All I remember seeing was an onslaught of SYN, SYN, SYN!!! We met them with RST after RST after RST!

#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

Why is it such a weird concept to write a summary paper under *their* name and just *citing* my thesis - which would reflect the reality.
Or just flipping promote the already publicly available work - if they believe it is so ground braking...
But no, a PDF on GitHub is not a "credible" place for publishing scientific stuff. As if Elsevier is better...

Problem is other people suck as well at writing, but simply stopped caring about it. So now I'm stuck in a situation where other people want to publish low-quality stuff under my name and I'm trying to fix this in my free time, since I don't want a paper with spelling mistakes, poor citation, and bad writing published under my name...

This "quick": "Sure I'll help you fix the manuscript you want to publish of my master thesis"-episode turns into a harsh reminder why I don't like scientific writing. - I simply suck at it...

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