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When I have brought up bugs at Chegg, there has always been support to get them fixed. We prioritize training and support for engineers to understand and implement .

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"Don't get too attached to your apple account. It belongs to Apple, not you."

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You click a link to a news site, to read an article that seems interesting.

On the page that loads there is the article, but also, somewhere on the right, often near the bottom, there is a small video player. Inexplicably, it was not blocked by your ad-blocker.

It is auto-playing a news video that is not connected to the article. Sound is often on.


Advent of Code day 3 hint/question 

Did you use recursion or iteration to solve the Day 3 puzzle?

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Twitter's removal policy 

Twitter implemented a "Right to Be Forgotten" type system and it's being, of course, heavily weaponized by right wing trolls especially

For years I've had debates with fellow lefties where they were demanding this very system (including on the fediverse) and I would say "it's not going to work out the way you want..."

Design game rules that consider play when it isn't your turn at the table.

Become *architects of emergent topology*.

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Functional React Components inside a huge code base of Class Components
RT @KassandraSanch
Adding new code to legacy code

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The is a good opportunity to learn a new language. This year I will try to solve all puzzles.
Check out the project if you dont know it yet:

This is part of finding small ways to get back into the habit of coding for fun, which I pretty much dropped once the pandemic started. And I have missed it.

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A coworker recommended Advent of Code, which looks fun. Going to try it out.

TIL - there is a reason C programmers often use such short variable names. It came from limitations from early C compilers.

We used “allowlist” and “blocklist” instead of “blacklist/whitelist” on my team - and the world did not end.
It was a small thing.
I’m suspicious of anyone who pushes back on such a small change.
If it helps include and welcome more people, and doesn’t cause harm, then just do it.

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“We need to stop saying ‘blacklist’ and ‘whitelist’” and use ‘blocklist’ and ‘allowlist’ instead, because it insults Black people to use ‘black’ as a metaphor for ‘blocked’.

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