“I test in prod”
Love this post from about building a sustainable culture of resiliency.

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“ Admitting that some bugs will make it to prod no matter what we do has been an unspeakable reality. Because of this, we find ourselves starved of ways to understand, observe, and rigorously test our code in its most important, luteal phase of development.”

“Engineers should be on call for their own code. While deploying, we should reflexively be looking at the world through the lens of our instrumentation. Is it working the way we expected it to? Does anything seem weird? Though fuzzy and imprecise, it’s the only way you’re going to catch those perilous unknown unknowns, the problems you never knew to expect.”

“ It’s management’s job to set the tone (and hold the line) that errors and failure are our friends and humble teachers, not something to fear and avoid. Be calm. … Managers need to recognize that 80 percent of the bugs are caught with 20 percent of the effort, and after that you get sharply diminishing returns. Modern software systems need less investment in pre-prod hardening and more investment in post-prod resiliency.

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