If you could choose and not lose anything, what level/type of ads would you choose to see?

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I'm going to run this poll separately on Twitter as well because I'm curious about any differences.

For more context/editorial on contextual vs. behavioral ads, Cory Doctorow has a nice thread -

@Flarnie voted no ads but haven’t thought fully through how this would be enforced (who’s going to stop me if I want to put a paid product placement on my blog?) and the societal consequences.

@graue Yea, this is all hypothetical and is a reaction to hearing someone tell me “Most users don’t mind ads any more. Some even like them. Ads provide value.”
Made me curious how true this could really be.
Kind of sad if it is true, tbh

@Flarnie I do sometimes like the ads from local businesses/event organizers in Mission Local and find cool stuff that way.

@Flarnie ideally, i actually want behavioural ads! I just want all that tracking data to be exclusively on machines that I can walk to and unplug.

@travisfw That is interesting - how would that actually work?

@Flarnie when ad space is open in a layout, you could poll your favorite ad network for something relevant to you which would also support the site. Difference is ad networks serve content to users, so they are the customer. Users want to support the site, so they do it, and are rewarded with something actually relevant.

@Flarnie I wish I got that one more often! Thanks for the appreciation.

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