Wir möchte alle die sich für , , , , Custom ROMs, , etc. interessien herzlich zum nächsten Meetup Vienna einladen. Wir treffen uns am Die. dem 13.8. ab 18:30 im @metalab.

weitere Infos: metalab.at/wiki/FDroidMeetpVie

Our local #FDroid user-group today was great. Since it's holiday season, we had a bit fewer visitors, but that gave us a chance to have a lot of engaging indepth conversations and hands on experiences about topics like:
* verifying our binaries
* lineage device support
* /e/
* F-Droid configuration
* etc.

This time @metalab was very hospitable. (No jackhammering :awesome:). Our live demos also worked surprisingly well, thanks to #ScreenStream. I'm really looking forward to the next one.

We're looking forward to hosting our second Vienna Meetup next week. Come and join us on Tuesday, 9.7. starting at 18:30 in our local hackerspace @metalab

All details on: metalab.at/wiki/FDroidMeetupVi

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