Murphy's Law: When they're playing good movies on a tv channel today, the promotion for that channel ends.

Setting Google's as my primary DNS server - it seems that the server I usually used (now secondary) is censored.

OVH hubiC file storage is going to be replaced by their Shadow Drive offer soon (not available yet), which will be more expensive. I already have an alternative on my mind, maybe it's time for migration? Or shoud I backup my files and wait? Ah, decisions.

It turned out that a favourite web application relies on file modification times, so after the hosting migration all the data suddenly had the dates of the migration. Fortunately the FTP can be used to modify modification times directly:

My hosting provider updated MySQL and my Piwigo galleries stopped working. Possible fix for Piwigo 12.2.0 (change in piwigo/include/ file):
Seems to work correctly!

Had to perform a factory reset on family Lenovo tablet. Fortunately all worked, updated Android works... I wish I had such set of updates available for my old Xperia smartphone.

The Android application I'd like to use doesn't support Android 8 now. Damn, it's not an ancient system...

I finally managed to finish the migration of my internet applications to new hosting platform. Next tasks won't be so easy ;)

I have a battery-powered device with 4 AA battery compartments, all compartments have springs on the same end, there's only one drawing of a battery inside the device and it has "+/-" signs on both ends. My family said that I don't know how to insert a battery. NO, I INSERTED THE BATTERIES CORRECTLY. Those fecking idiots who constructed it have no idea how a battery looks like...

While trying to install the Textpattern CMS from scratch, I found a missing translation - "external_links" displayed on main page. Why? After a quick search (and finding nothing), I just added a row to text_txp_lang table. Maybe I even discovered it years ago already and my production database is patched? Anyway - it worked.

Seems that even a phone with S40 needs a reset sometimes. Device reset has healing properties.

Windows Phone is gradually becoming Just A Phone - less and less applications are supported, my old smartphone wouldn't even read some web pages (because of SSL certificates which I can't update)... I already have a replacement phone, but it's sad to see that a nice piece of hardware can have no working software.

After recent changes in Twitter's CSS I couldn't disable the (mis)feature that I hate - rounded corners - with only a rule
img { border-radius: 0 !important;}
But it's possible with equally simple
img { clip-path: none !important; }

The program I use for news (QuiteRSS) has been nagging me about SSL certificates more and more. I never knew that I could just download cacert.pem from and save it as %LocalAppData%\QuiteRss\QuiteRss\certificates\ca-bundle.crt to do the update. It works!

My PocketBook ebook reader wouldn't handle chapter indexes in EPUBs downloaded from from AO3 (Archive Of Our Own). The reason was: multiword story titles (and spaces in HTML file names in EPUB). Solution: change all spaces and "%20"s in file names to something normal (e.g. underscore), and correct the names in OPF and NCX respectively.

I've managed to get a new radio lately (Medion) - it receives FM and DAB+ ranges, works with internet stations (you can connect it to a LAN or WiFi network), has USB socket to play files (MP3 and FLAC) - the sound is not perfect, maybe the equalizer will help a little, but for a kitchen radio it's really good.

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