In all seriousness, there were plenty of excellent reasons to leave Twitter prior to the whole Elon thing. To the folks on Twitter that are looking to jump ship, if you end up on an ActivityPub-powered service, you can follow me here:

My advice to anyone joining Mastodon from Twitter:

1. Setup cross-posting.
2. Follow a few people from Twitter using a bridge service.
3. Publish to the fediverse first.
4. Hide your Twitter app in a folder.
5. Only open your Twitter app to read/reply to notifications.

@mike 6. Unfollow all your Twitter bridge accounts use Nitter to set up a Twitter timeline via RSS and uninstall Twitter

@EricZhang456 I was using RSS-Bridge to follow accounts via RSS, but tweets just don’t feel right alongside all my other RSS feeds. And there’s a handful of people that I really want to keep in touch with that are only on Twitter, so notifications are important.

I should note, I use a third-party app — Tweetbot — I can’t imagine ever installing the official app.

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