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3 stages of every full-time Linux user:
1. "This is a great operating system." (probably using Ubuntu, Mint, Manjaro, etc)
(Best Seller) 2. "Noooooooo... Linux is becoming worse and worse with each day passing. systemd sucks, PulseAudio sucks, Ubuntu sucks..." (probably using Arch, Gentoo, Void, etc)
3. "This is a great operating system." (probably using Fedora, OpenSUSE, etc)

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I switched back to Firefox from vanilla Chromium, very nice

"Life is like KDE menus. You will never know what you will get."

I have 761 updates on a new install of Fedora. What's wrong with this distro???

I am distro hopping to Fedora. I don't want to use Arch now btw.

I bought The Orange Box the day before yesterday and I apparently have access to Team Fortress 2 Beta now???

Half Life 2 costs only a dollar in my region! So I bought it.

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Privacy Youtuber Starter Pack

> Claims to be Privacy advocate

> Youtube

> Twitter

> Reddit

> Patreon

> No crypto Donations

> No peertoob

> Odysee bad (cloudflare)

OBS was dropping frames. Now I have no ongoing stream. Sweet

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