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@joeycastillo just unveiled a redesign of The Open Book! Also seems like they just got an account here recently so give them a follow if you are into #OSHW

NSO Group Claims More Than 5 EU States Use Pegasus Backdoor Software...

Admitting private companies do sometimes become involved.

#Privacy #News #NSOgroup #backdoor #Europe #Pegasus #Israel #Malware

One of the most requested features on Mastodon is a built-in language translation system, where you can click on a post and it automatically translates it into your language.

If this is important to you, and if you are comfortable using Github, please give this issue a thumbs up to let the developers know that this feature is wanted:

(I thought this was already being worked on, but I cannot find any official announcements saying this.)

#Mastodon #Translation #Translations #Translate #Languages

Mild Spoiler: Star Trek Strange New Worlds 

Larping in a spaceship sounds pretty fun actually. Especially when you have access to a replicator to make your costumes!

can't believe my bird obsession is just an extension of my childhood dinosaur phase

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Twitter is my sad place, mastodon is my happy place. This is the separation that I will keep.

If you're concerned about where the world is heading, you might want to check out some of the activists on the Fediverse who are trying to do something about the world's problems:


...there are also campaign groups...


...and you may want to check out some privacy tools that can help people stay safe:


If you have any more accounts to suggest for these categories, please let me know.

Question for the fedi: my partner would like to move off of Insta which is where she follows many activist accounts, primarily around feminism, parenting, herbalism, etc. She's considering mastodon but I'm not sure what to suggest for an instance. Any one out there have any thoughts?

What is your favorite boot manager for Linux(es) multiboot? :linux: 👀

Tails 5.1.1 is out

This release fixes a high severity security issue in tor, that affects performance and possibly anonymity.

What is your favorite boot manager for Linux(es) multiboot? :linux: 👀

Ok now, it's HEXABOOT TIME !

I have 3 USB drives ready, 2 more coming, let's go play with partitions! ⎔ :partyparrot:

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Adventure News ⚙️💻👇

I haven't installed any OS on my Framework Laptop yet, but I briefly ran a live usb of Elementary OS and here's a few things I can report:

1. Display is GORGEOUS. Seriously impressed. I'm used with Apple's Retina displays and I could not see the difference. I'll report further once I had a chance to watch media

2. Overall construction quality is undeniable. The aluminum body is beautiful and on par with Macbooks

3. Keyboard is comfortable and touchpad responsive

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I accidentally felt into a rabbit hole of mechanical keyboard knowledge and now I really want pudding keycaps :partyparrot:

Did you know that half of The Internet is actually used to store knowledge about mechanical keyboards? 🙃

I too was today years old and this is freakin' awesome.


I was today years old when I found out Cloudflare has a wall full of lava lamps they feed into a camera as a way to generate randomness to create cryptographic keys


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